As the world is being dominated by humanity and technology, Horizon Forbidden West Runner’s Wild Relic Ruin Walkthrough explores a certain “lonely wilderness region where they are still few in number.” The game features an open-world setting that is filled with dangers lurking around every corner — from wild animals to bandits and more. In this fast paced adventure you must fulfill your father’s last wish of finding his long lost sister before it’s too late!

The “horizon forbidden west relics from ruins quest” is a walkthrough for Horizon: Forbidden West. It provides an in-depth look at the game’s story and gameplay, as well as additional information about the world of Horizon.

Horizon Forbidden West Runner’s Wild Relic Ruin Walkthrough

You must solve the Relic Ruins riddles if you want to find the ornaments in Horizon Forbidden West. Even though each of these ruins is unique, the goal is the same: find a means to go to a specified location. Runner’s Wild is a multilayered puzzle that is more difficult than the Daunt. So, how do you crack the code?

How to Solve the Ruin of the Runner’s Wild Relic

Horizon-Forbidden-West_20220220004812-640x360How to Solve the Ruin of the Runner's Wild Relic

The Runner’s Wild Relic Ruin may be found north of Memorial Grove. You’ll need to accomplish a lot of climbing and have access to the Igniter and Pullcaster to finish it.

Go southeast to discover a box on the right side of the ruins for the first phase of the puzzle. Pull it back with the Pullcaster, but not too far. You can really hop on it to reach to the ceiling. There are various climbing stations on the tower from there.

You can use them to navigate past it, and then you may enter a chamber next to where the box was. There is now a wall with Firegleam and another where the Pullcaster may be used. Destroy the former using your Igniter, then drag the wall down with the Pullcaster. You may grab the first crate and push it through to the opposite side once both paths are open.

You may now access certain climbing areas by putting the crate at the end of this new trail. You may go to the higher portion of the ruins and discover a Greenshine chunk by utilizing them. A locked door may also be found here. You must return to this location at a later time.

A second box may be found on the opposite side of the Runner’s Wild ruin. Now it’s up to you to arrange it such that you may stack the other container on top of this one. To do so, move this new box to the ruins’ bottom level. A wall with the same blue construction as the Pullcaster you saw in the earlier portion is close to where you may land it. After you’ve destroyed it, you’ll be confronted with the first container. Pull it till you’re able to put it on the other side.

Following that, you must drag the containers via the only route open to you. You’ll wind up inside the tower, which you may now climb thanks to the two crates that are assisting you in reaching the yellow markings. You’ll locate a key on the tallest platform that you’ll need to unlock a door on the higher area that you’ve seen.

Return to the containers and carry them ahead until you reach the center of the path. You’ll be in front of the door if you jump to the higher side. You’ll get access to a chamber with another wall that you can open with the Pullcaster if you open it. To acquire one of the crates at this level, use the new entrance.

All that’s left now is to carry it to the tower’s side and ascend to the summit. The ornament “A Church?” may be found there. Really?” I have completed the Ruin of the Runner’s Wild Relic.

The “forbidden west release date” is a game that was released on July 29th, 2019. The game allows players to explore the ruins of an ancient civilization.

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