Guild Wars 2 is a game that has been very successful for its developer, ArenaNet, thanks to the engaging storyline and cool characters, but it was a little too in-depth for its players to play by themselves, and that was a big let down. But, the developers are looking to solve that by providing a public level editor, a game-breaking bug that would cost players their account would be fixed, and a lot of other changes.

In a recent developer forum post, ArenaNet has made an interesting announcement for the GW2 community: the developers are going to try and make a permanent public version of Twisted Marionette, an old event that took place on a closed server. Apparently, this was due to some technical difficulties, and the devs are trying to bring it back on a permanent basis.

When the original Guild Wars launched in 2005, the developers at ArenaNet were busy adding features to the game that helped it turn into a lasting community. Eventually, the updates stopped, and ArenaNet has been silent about the game’s future ever since. With Guild Wars 2, the developer is hoping to return to the early days of the franchise and bring a classic back into the light.. Read more about guild wars and let us know what you think.


If you’ve been paying attention to Guild Wars 2’s community chatter, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a name that’s been on a lot of people’s lips: the Twisted Marionette, which, as readers will remember, was briefly restored for a week. It turns out that most public organizations are up against a formidable opponent in this battle, which means that efforts to meet global tier accomplishment objectives were failing miserably. This sparked a lot of debate over the battle, with players either pleading for the public version to return or hailing the squad-only version as a positive thing.

This brings us to a dev post on the forums, where it was observed that players were progressively understanding the mechanics of the Marionette encounter and clearing it at almost double the pace they were a week earlier. While the public version of the battle is now unavailable as intended, there will be a modification to the fight that will allow the event timer to begin only after a certain amount of people have entered the instance, indicating that the public version will return. The fight’s squad mode will also alter, with the instance starting only when the squad commander certifies the group is ready. The public brawl is expected to resurface in late summer.

“When we first discussed bringing the Twisted Marionette back into the game, we were worried that the encounter’s difficulty level and player count requirements would make it tough to maintain in the event rotation. We’re feeling a lot better about it now that we’ve reviewed the facts we discussed earlier,” the post says.

Players seem to have mostly welcomed this news, with many praising ArenaNet for waiting to gather data and observe how players responded to the battle before making changes. Overall, it seems that gamers may expect a difficult battle, although with a few minor changes in the aim of greater synchronization.


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