In a recent update, Final Fantasy 8 was made free-to-play. This means that players can now download the game for free and play it without having to purchase anything else. However, there is a catch: the best weapons in the game are locked behind a paywall until you earn enough Gil.

The ff8 best weapons early is a strategy guide that gives players the opportunity to get the best weapons in Final Fantasy 8 before they are released.

final fantasy 8

This Final Fantasy 8 Finest Weapons guide will show you how to acquire the best weapons early in the game, or later if you want.

If you’re playing Final Fantasy 8, you’ll undoubtedly want to acquire all of the game’s finest weapons for each character. Except for Irvine’s, all of the Final Fantasy 8 finest weapons may be discovered early on disc 1 in our Final Fantasy 8 greatest weapons guide. Alternatively, if you’d rather not go to such lengths to get the finest weapons in Final Fantasy 8, the article describes how to obtain the necessary components through more traditional ways later on.

While many Final Fantasy 8 best weapons tutorials describe how to get these materials early, few go into some small aspects that guarantee you receive these weapons early without losing your mind over missing Elnoyle cards or Laser Cannons.


After discussing each weapon in detail, I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to acquire all of the components for each of Final Fantasy 8’s finest weapons as soon as possible.

Also, the Weapons Monthly magazines aren’t required to get the finest weapons in Final Fantasy 8. All you need are the materials. All the magazines do is inform you what ingredients you’ll need in-game and place them on the junk shop list early so you can double-check them.

Without further ado, here is a list of the greatest weapons in Final Fantasy 8.

Squall (Lionheart) – Final Fantasy 8 Best Weapons

final fantasy 8 best weapons lionheart

Ingredients Required

1 piece of Adamantine

4 times Fang the Dragon

Pulse Ammunition (12x)


Adamantine is obtained from Adamantoise foes found on the beach across from Dollet. They have a 4.5 percent chance of dropping the item between levels 20 and 29. They have a 75% chance of dropping the item at level 30 or above.

Early on, Adamantoises may be difficult to battle due to their strong defense and the ability to perform White Wind, which heals them back to full health. The simplest method to deal with this is to add Berserk to your attack.

Dragon Fang

Dragon Fangs are difficult to get by since you must battle monsters beneath the level of 30 to get them early. However, as you may have seen, you must be above level 30 to use the Adamantine above and the Pulse Ammo below, and the greatest supply of Pulse Ammo appears before Dragon Fangs, so you must pick one or the other.

Fighting Grendels in the woodland where the second dream sequence takes place is the quickest method to get Dragon Fangs. Grendels will emerge if you hug the left canyon wall (your location should read Monterosa Plateau). If you’re doing things correctly, they’ll be your sole adversary. Under level 19, Grendels nearly usually drop one or two Dragon Fangs (75 percent chance). Grendels from levels 20 to 29 have a 20% chance of dropping two Dragon Fangs. Dragon Fangs are no longer dropped by Grendels above level 30.

In Disc 1, the only other Dragon Fangs source is level 20-29 T-Rexaurs, which drop 6x Dragon Fangs 20% of the time.

There are two choices since you must pick between the Grendels and the Laser Cannon (below). You can either skip the Laser Cannons and collect an extra 20 Elnoyle cards while still in Balamb Garden to make Dragon Fangs easier to come by, or you can level up to 20 early to get the Dragon Fangs from T-Rexaurs in the Training Center and then level up to 30 to make the other drops easier to come by.

Pulse Ammo

There are two methods to acquire Pulse Ammo for the strongest weapons in Final Fantasy 8 early. You may either mug Laser Cannons off of Elastoids in the second dream sequence, which takes place in the woodland outside Galbadia Garden, or you can refine 10 Elnoyle cards into an Crystal of Energy with Card Mod (Quezacotl), which you can then refine into 10 Pulse Ammo with Ammo-RF (Ifrit).

If you’re aware that you’ll need to complete some additional levels and get your Dragon Fangs from the T-Rexaur before leaving Balamb, the Laser Cannon approach is a little simpler. If you just want Squall’s weapon, I’d also suggest this.

You’ll also need to grind in Balamb Garden if you wish to utilize the Elnoyle card technique. Challenge Trepe Groupie #1 in the cafeteria (the same man who has the Quistis card), who only plays level 2 and level 5 cards and therefore has the best chance of anybody in the game of playing Elnoyles. You must do this task as soon as possible because if you do not accomplish it before leaving for Timber, you will have squandered your opportunity. To create Squall’s finest weapon, you’ll need 20 Elnoyle cards.

The kid going down the steps in Galbadia Garden and the man with the Kiros card in Deling City are the only two characters on Disc 1 that play Elnoyle cards, and both of them play it very infrequently.

You’ll need to churn out an incredible 80 Elnoyle cards in total if you want to acquire all of Final Fantasy 8’s finest weapons as soon as possible.

Final Fantasy 8 Best Weapons Ehrgeiz (Zell)

final fantasy 8 best weapons ehrgeiz

Ingredients Required

1 piece of Adamantine

4 different dragon skins

1x Fragment of Fury


You must battle Adamantoise opponents on the beach near Dollet, as described in the Squall part of the Final Fantasy 8 best weapons. If they’re level 30 or above, they’ll nearly always drop Adamantine. They’ll drop it about 4.5 percent of the time if they’re level 20-29.

Because nearly all of these weapons, with the exception of the Dragon Fang, need you to be level 30 or higher to drop, I strongly advise you to get the Dragon Fangs out of the way while you’re still in Balamb so you don’t have to worry about keeping your level low.

Skin of a dragon

There are two ways to get Dragon Skin for the Final Fantasy 8 best weapons. First, you can just fight level 30+ Anacondaurs that are commonly encountered in forests all over Galbadia (the continent with Timber, Dollet & Deling City). If they are level 30+, they’ll drop 4-8 Dragon Skins almost every fight. If they’re under level 30, it’ll be about a 4.5% drop chance.

If you remained between levels 1 and 19 to get Dragon Fangs from Grendels, you may also obtain Dragon Skins. Keep in mind that beyond level 19, Grendels no longer drop Dragon Skin, and even then, it’s just a 6% chance.

For this, level 30+ Anacondaurs are the way to go.

Fragment of Fury

The easiest method to acquire a Fury Fragment for the finest weapons in Final Fantasy 8 is to use Quezacotl’s Card Mod ability to combine four Blue Dragon cards into one. By collecting all of the rare cards in Balamb Garden at the start of the game, you’ll almost certainly finish up with four Blue Dragon cards.

If you’re looking for Blue Dragon cards in particular, look for a player named “Dark Skinned Student” who emerges in the corridor on the way to the library at random. Blue Dragon is a level 4 card, and this player only plays level 1 and 4 cards, thus a Blue Dragon will appear in nearly every match.

Fighting level 20+ Grendels in the woodland where the 2nd dream scene takes place is another option. Approximately 10% of the time, they will drop a Fury Fragment. They’ll drop two if they’re level 30 or above. To find Grendels, be sure to hug the rock on the left side of the forest so that Monterosa Plateau shows in the menu.

Final Fantasy 8 Best Weapons – Save the Queen (Quistis)

savethequeen Getting Final Fantasy 8 Best Weapons EARLY

Ingredients Required

Tentacle of Malboro (two)

Sharp Prickling 4x

4x Crystal of Energy

Malboro Tentacle

Malboro Tentacles are one of the easiest weapons to get in Final Fantasy 8. All you have to do is use Quezacotl’s Card Mod ability to turn four Malboro cards into one Malboro Tentacle. Malboros, like Elnoyle, are a level 5 card, thus you can easily acquire them from Trepe Groupie #1 in the Cafeteria before leaving Balamb Garden.

Just remember to do so before leaving Balamb Garden. If you’re gathering the Elnoyle cards needed to create this weapon on Disc 1, you’ll nearly certainly acquire the necessary Malboro cards before you’ve collected all 40 Elnoyle cards.

Even if you wait until later in the game to create this weapon, modifying Malboro cards is a lot easier than battling real Malboros, who are a hassle.

A word of caution: if you want to do this, you should gather 8 Malboro Tentacles altogether since you’ll need 6 Malboro Tentacles to get the GF Doomtrain as soon as it becomes available later.

Sharp Spike

Sharp Spikes are another very simple component to get for the finest weapons in Final Fantasy 8. At a 1:1 ratio, you can turn Grand Mantis or Death Claw cards into Sharp Spikes, for a total of 4 cards.

In the Tomb of the Unknown King, you may battle Armadodos, who drop Sharp Spikes at any level.

Sharp Spikes should be quite easy to get.

Crystals of Energy

Here’s what makes Quistis’ weapon, out of all the great weapons in Final Fantasy 8, the most difficult to get early on. 4x Energy Crystals are required. Mod Elnoyle cards are the only method to acquire them on Disc 1, and you’ll need 40 of them to get 4 Energy Crystals. You’ll need 40 of these, as well as some for Rinoa and (possibly) Squall’s weapon. You could probably defeat the game from beginning to end in the time it takes to harvest 40 Elnoyle cards.

Play cards against Trepe Groupie #1 in the Cafeteria before leaving Balamb for Timber if you insist on doing so. He only plays level 2 and 5 cards, thus farming Elnoyles against him will be considerably quicker.

If you don’t want to farm 40 Elnoyle cards, which I understand, the quickest method to get Energy Crystals is to battle the guaranteed Elnoyle encounter in Esther after returning from space a few times later in the game. Compared to card farming, which may take days, this technique takes approximately 5 minutes.

Final Fantasy 8 Best Weapons – Strange Vision (Selphie)

final fantasy 8 best weapons strange vision

Ingredients Required

1 piece of Adamantine

3x Fragment of a Star

Spike’s Curse 2x


Adamantine, like Squall and Zell’s finest weapons in Final Fantasy 8, drops from level 20+ Adamantoises on the beach across from Dollet. They’ll nearly always drop it if they’re level 30 or above. It’ll be an uncommon drop if they’re level 20-29. By attempting to draw from them, you can quickly determine the level. They’re level 30+ if they have Blizzaga and Reflect.

Selphie’s greatest weapon is virtually free, since most of its components are likely to be found in regular play or when farming ingredients for other characters’ weapons. It’s also one of the finest Final Fantasy 8 best weapons since it increases her Hit by 255 percent while also giving her a small Strength boost.

fragment of a star

There are three methods to get fragment of a stars for the finest weapons in Final Fantasy 8: Kill level 30+ T-Rexaurs; kill level 30+ Anacondaurs; alter Iron Giant cards.

Obviously, the Iron Giant cards are the simplest. Because you’ll be farming an absurd number of Elnoyle cards to get Quistis or Rinoa’s Final Fantasy 8 finest weapons, you can easily pick up the 9 Iron Giant cards you’ll need while you’re doing it. Because Iron Giant is also a level 5 card, the Trepe Groupie #1 in the Cafeteria is your best option.

The other two ways, on the other hand, I don’t suggest since they’ll both take longer. T-Rexaurs at level 30+ have a lot of HP, so you’ll need to grind an additional 10 levels before leaving Balamb. Star Fragments drop at an awful rate (4.5%) from Anacondaurs.

Curse Spike

This is a simple one. There are a few options, all of which are simple to implement. Only two Tri-Face cards are required. Tri-Face is a level 3 card that almost everyone in Balamb will use on a daily basis. Ironically, the Trepe Groupie #1 in the Cafeteria that I keep encouraging you to play will never play Tri-Face, but simply collecting all the rare cards in Balamb Garden would almost certainly get you at least two Tri-Face cards.

Note that you’ll be gathering Tri-Face cards throughout the game anyhow to spare yourself some additional work later on when you want to alter a Dark Matter.

Curse Spikes may also be obtained from the Forbidden foes in the Tomb of the Unknown King, although you won’t need them. However, if you wanted to get 100 Curse Spikes in order to unlock Quistis’ Shockwave Pulsar limit breach on Disc 1, that would be the way to go.

Final Fantasy 8 Best Weapons: Shooting Star (Rinoa)

final fantasy 8 best weapons shooting star

Ingredients Required

two windmills

Ring of Regent (one)

1 x Armlet of Force

2x Crystal of Energy


There are two simple methods to get Windmills for the finest weapons in Final Fantasy 8, and both are simple. You may begin by collecting Abyss Worm cards. Abyss Worm is a level 3 card that you’ll most likely get after collecting all of the rare cards in Balamb Garden.

Second, the Thrustaevis foes in the Deling City area drop them. They only drop them below level 30, however from level 30 and above, they drop 30% of the time.

Special note: obtaining a lot of Windmills early is a good idea since you can use T-Mag RF (Quezacotl) to convert them into Tornados, which is a strong junction magic for Disc 1 and acquiring stacks of it is simple using this technique.

Regen Ring

Mod 10 Chimera cards on Disc 1 to obtain a Regen Ring for Final Fantasy 8’s strongest weapons. Chimera is a level 5 card, therefore playing cards against Trepe Groupie #1 in the Cafeteria before leaving Balamb Garden is your best bet for obtaining them fast.

If you wait until later in the game, mugging Regen Rings from Toramas around Esther is the best method to get them.

Armlet of Force

There are a few of methods to acquire a Force Armlet for the finest weapons in Final Fantasy 8, but they’re all a hassle.

First, when you fully destroy the robot spider (X-ATM092) in the first Dollet mission, there’s a 25% chance it’ll drop it. You must totally drain its HP 5-6 times before it can be entirely destroyed, at which point it will drop a Force Armlet with a 25% chance of falling. This is the most dependable method of obtaining one.

Otherwise, you’ll have to farm level 30+ Ochus in Galbadia’s woods or level 30+ Forbidden foes in the Tomb of the Unknown King’s Tomb. If you missed the X-ATM092 technique, the Forbiddens are a good alternative since they drop Curse Spikes, which you’ll need to farm 100 of if you want Quistis’ best limit breach.

Energy Crystal

The sole method to acquire Energy Crystals on Disc 1 is to farm Elnoyle cards, as described in the Squall and Quistis sections. Before leaving Balamb Garden, the simplest method to harvest Elnoyle cards is to play the Trepe Groupie #1 in the Cafeteria many times.

Rinoa’s finest weapon requires 20 Elnoyle cards, which will take the better part of a day to collect. If you don’t want to do it on Disc 1, you may wait until Disc 3 and farm the Energy Crystals from real Elnoyles in Esther in approximately 2 minutes.

Final Fantasy 8 Best Weapons – Exeter (Irvine)

final fantasy 8 best weapons exeter

Ingredients Required

Dino Bones (two)

Stone of the Moon (one)

2x Fragment of a Star

18x Screw

Dino Bone

T-Rexaurs often drop Dino Bones at all levels. You almost certainly already have 2 Dino Bones if you farmed your Dragon Fangs from level 20-29 T-Rexaurs while still in Balamb. If not, go battle a few of T-Rexaurs to earn your Dino Bones.

You can obtain a Dino Bone from either 1 Armadodo card or 2 T-Rexaur cards if you don’t want to battle T-Rexaurs.

This is a fairly common item, so you should be able to find it easily.

Moon Stone

Because Moon Stones aren’t accessible on Disc 1, Irvine’s weapon is the only one of Final Fantasy 8’s finest weapons that isn’t available.

Imps, Elnoyles, and Toramas all drop Moon Stones in the area surrounding Esther on Disc 3. The simplest method to get one is to mug the Elnoyle who emerges as a fixed encounter in Esther after you return from space. Keep in mind that if you’re level 40 or above, you’ll have to mug it since it has a 100% mug probability but a 0% drop chance.

Star Fragment

Star Fragments for the strongest weapons in Final Fantasy 8 may be obtained via modifying Iron Giant cards or killing level 30+ T-Rexaurs and Anacondaurs on Disc 1. Because you won’t be able to acquire Irvine’s weapon on Disc 1, you’ll have to wait until Disc 3 when Moon Stones become accessible, and you’ll most likely already have the necessary Star Fragments.

Still, if you’re collecting Star Fragments for the other top weapons in Final Fantasy 8, you may as well get a few more. It won’t take long at all.


Screws are often dropped in great numbers by Geezards and may be modified from Geezard cards. Geezards are strewn around the area. They may be found in virtually any environment that resembles the “plains.” They’re a disgusting lizard/snake hybrid with lobster claws.

Geezards and Geezard cards are so frequent that I doubt you’ll get to Disc 3 without a lot of screws, but if you do, just convert 4 Geezard cards into 20 screws.

Bismarck (Irvine’s greatest weapon on Disc 1) is a special bonus.

If you truly want to give Irvine a weapon upgrade on Disc 1, the components for Bismarck, his second best weapon, are pretty easy to come by. 2 steel pipes, 4 dynamo stones, and 8 screws are required. Steel Pipes and Dynamo Stones may be modified using Elastoid and Blitz cards, respectively. Easy.

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining All of the Best Weapons on Disc 1

  1. While you’re still in Balamb Garden, collect 60 Elnoyle cards, 8 Malboro cards, 10 Chimera cards & 9 Iron Giant cards from Trepe Groupie #1
  2. 2 Abyss Worm, 2 Tri-Face, 4 Grand Mantis or Death Claw, and 4 Blue Dragon cards are required.
  3. Get 2 Elastoid cards and 4 Blitz cards (optional).
  4. Before heading to Timber, level up to 20-29 and farm T-Rexaurs in the Balamb Garden Training Center until one drops Dragon Fangs (they’ll drop 6, which is enough).
  5. In the first Dollet mission, fully kill X-ATM092 and reset & repeat if it doesn’t drop a Force Armlet.
  6. Before the second dream scene in the woodland on the route to Galbadia Garden, level up to 30+ and study Mug.
  7. In the second dream sequence, Mug Elastoids will appear until you have three Laser Cannons (4 if you want one to teach Quistis her limit break).
  8. Fight Adamantoises on the beach near Dollet until three Adamantines are obtained.
  9. Fight Anacondaurs until you obtain 4 Dragon Skins in the forest where the 2nd dream scene took place.

If you complete everything correctly, you’ll get all of Final Fantasy 8’s finest weapons as soon as you finish the second dream sequence outside Galbadia Garden, with the exception of Irvine, who will have his second best weapon. It may seem simple to list, but cultivating 60 Elnoyle cards will have you wondering why you chose to do so.


When it comes to the Final Fantasy 8 Best Weapons Early Guide, that’s all there is to it. More Final Fantasy 8 guides may be found here. More RPG video game instructions may be found on the main page. If you’d like, you may subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I discuss a variety of subjects, most of which are connected to technology, gaming, movies, and current affairs.

The ff8 how to get strong early is a guide that will help you get the best weapons in Final Fantasy 8.

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