The Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI collaboration event is live today, bringing more rewards for players. This week’s update includes a new quest to take down the final boss of Heaven-on-High in FFXI, with rewards including an item set from FFVII: Advent Children that can be used by characters level 50 or below. Plus there will also be a hefty amount of gil up for grabs!

Over and over again.

At this point, Final Fantasy XIV has crossed over with most of the games in the franchise. You might be wondering where the crossovers were with Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy IV, but you missed them because they were called the Crystal Tower series, the Omega raid series, Stormblood, Gunbreakers, and Endwalker respectively. But Final Fantasy XI gets its own special event crossover restarting today, featuring Iroha from the older game’s Rhapsodies of Vana’diel storyline.

The event is the same as it has been during previous runs, but if you’d like a chance to take a tour back down memory lane you have the quest replay feature available to you. And if you’re one of the many players who has joined the game after it had already concluded its prior runs, this is all going to be a new experience for you. Just make sure to take care of the event quests sooner rather than later, as the event ends on Wednesday, May 18th.

The #FFXIV x #FFXI collaboration event, the Maiden’s Rhapsody, has arrived!

Find out how a hero from Vana’diel ended up in our world by chance!

Event ends Wednesday, May 18 (PDT/GMT)!

— FINAL FANTASY XIV (@FF_XIV_EN) April 28, 2022


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