From PC to console, the game has been greatly updated with new features and a more immersive storyline. The developer also partnered with Wargaming for cross-platform multiplayer functionality which will be available soon.

The “far: changing tides release date” is a game that has been released for PC and consoles. The game was released on October 23, 2018.

FAR: Changing Tides Releases for PC and Consoles

Okomotive created the FAR universe. The game is currently available on Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox One S, PlayStation 4, Switch, Steam, and the Epic Store.

“What began as a university project with FAR: Lone Sails has evolved into a studio of ten people, two games, and six years of beautiful experiences formed at Okomotive.” Our work on FAR: Changing Tides is now complete, but we can’t wait to see how our gamers interact with this amazing universe.”

Don Schmocker, Co-Founder and Lead Designer

What is it like to be far away from the changing tides?

This evocative vehicular adventure follows a little kid and his boat on an emotional journey in search of a home. In this wonderfully drawn, flooded environment, explore lost ruins and sail over wild waves.

Changing Tides expands on the barren backdrop of FAR: Lone Sails by replacing sun-stained, dusty aircraft with stormy sky and high seas. Fans and new players will enjoy the universe of FAR Changing Tides, which has new locations, puzzles, and ship dynamics.

Overcome all elements as Toe, the new protagonist, and find yourself alone in a flood-prone environment. The location you used to call home is now unfriendly and foreign. Toe must find a fresh beginning by navigating through the ruins of a once-great civilization.



FAR: Changing Tides, Frontier Foundry’s newest product, expands Okomotive’s FAR world by allowing players to walk over a flooded environment in a contemplative journey. Verticality and the dive feature are included in this post-apocalyptic adventure, which also has a powerful soundtrack and painterly design. It will undoubtedly be a great experience for both newcomers and fans of the related title FAR, Lone Sails.

Toe, a lonely child who pilots a spacecraft that spans a flooded planet, will be controlled by the players. Toe will lead the players through riddles, drowned civilizations, and merciless elements.

Throughout the campaign, a number of collaborations and events were disclosed to commemorate this beautiful and unusual game. The San Francisco Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Awesome Games Done Quick charity broadcast, the ArtStation narrated artwork instruction, and the Soundwaves lo fi music are among the highlights.

“Okomotive’s dedication to their craft and the fantastic experience they’ve provided is a great illustration of Foundry’s mission: to assist teams in creating the games we want to see.” We supported the company, and their idea culminated in a game that is both beautiful and emotional, and we are quite proud of them.”

Chad Young, Senior Director of Publishing and Commercial,

Xbox Gameplay Trailer


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FAR: Changing Tides is a multiplayer game that has been released for PC and consoles. The developers of FAR: Changing Tides have announced that they will be releasing new content for the game on September 21, 2018. Reference: is far: changing tides multiplayer.

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