Dragonknights of all flavors are set to receive several new additions in the upcoming Dragonknight update. While some of these will be buffs to existing Dragonknight abilities and perks, some will be entirely new ones. As a Dragonknight main and an ESO player for many years, it is my duty to inform you of the most potent Dragonknight builds for the upcoming update, this time going for a more meta-about and lore-driven approach.

Hey there, Dragonknights! We are the Dragonknights of the ESO community and we want you to build your ESO Dragonknight character the best way possible. It is our goal to inform you about the best ESO races for you to choose for your Dragonknight class in ESO. We have also created a website called the Dragonknight’s Lair, where we post daily content about MMOs, gaming, and ESO. We are also a new podcast called the Dragonknights Round Table, where we discuss ESO and other MMOs.

Today we will be covering what the best race for a Dragonknight is for the upcoming patch, Dragonknight 2021. There are many different options for the Dragonknight, and this will help us narrow it down to a more specific set of races. The next few paragraphs will be covering the races in depth, as well as provide general recommendations for each.

The Dragon Knight class in Elder Scrolls Online practices the ancient customs of the Akaviri and embodies the powers of the dragon. Dragon Knights are tough warriors and usually stand at the front of a team to take the heavy blows instead of your weaker comrades. Dragon Knights can be played successfully by any race, but certain racial passives will help your Dragon Knight succeed in the desired role. What is the best breed for a dragon knight, you ask? In this guide, we will look at the best ESO races for Dragon Knights in terms of maximizing and damage. Next, we’ll look at some options for different playstyles and learn which Dragon Knight characters are best suited for serious roleplaying. Does this look like a plan? Let’s get started.

ESO best race for the dragon knight: Aerobatics

Let’s go through the list to identify the best races for Dragonknight ESO . 1 /6


Image: ZeniMax via HGG word-image-6865 word-image-6866 Best race for dragon knight armor Dragon Knights are known to be excellent tanks, so Imperials could be the best race for Dragon Knights in ESO . Imperial is the best tank class for this patch, turning your dragon knight into a monstrous tank. Imperial gives you 2000 extra health and stamina, and lowers the cost of all your skills by 6%. The Dragon Knight is the best class to tank, and the addition of imperial passives makes it a truly formidable frontline fighter. Dragon Knights naturally regenerate stamina to use Clayheart’s abilities, but also generate ultimates, and give your party a small cruelty buff that increases weapon damage by 10%. If you have more stamina, it is very easy to keep your stamina reserves up while you refuel. The ability to hold a block longer at the expense of skills is a very nice advantage for tanks, especially in groups where synergies aren’t as available to recover lost resources. Your Ultimates will also become more affordable thanks to the generation of Dragon Knight Ultimates and the reduced cost of Imperial Ultimates. If you can use the Aggressive Warhorn Ultimates more often, your party will have a better recovery time, increasing stamina and magic by 10% and critical damage by 20%, greatly increasing the party’s total damage in combat. If you’re on the defensive, your magma tank is easier to activate due to its reduced cost, which can get you out of trouble if you’re stuck in a tough fight against a veteran boss. 2 /6

Black Elf

Image: ZeniMax via HGG word-image-6867 word-image-6868 Best race for magic DPS Dragon Knight Dark Elf is probably ESO’ the best race for Dragonknight in terms of DPS, as you get a lot of stat bonuses to help you do more damage and survive. A dark elf gives you 1910 extra magicka and stamina, 258 extra spell and weapon damage, and 4620 flame resistance. The extra flame resistance (appropriate for a dragon knight) also allows the character to turn into a vampire, allowing you to increase spell damage and minimize the extra fire damage you take as a vampire. Dragon Knights are able to inflict damage over time, and stacking several of these abilities does significant damage. Your damage is increased by the extra supply of spells and magicka you get with the Dark Elf, but the extra stamina you get helps your mobility in combat and makes it easier to break free of Crowd Control if needed. Depending on your rotation, you might consider using an awesome set called Curse of the Elves, which increases the damage of your flaming skills by five seconds. You must get this kit from Cyrodiil or buy it from a guild vendor, but it increases DOT damage at the cost of additional enemy damage sticks. This also allows you to avoid skill reuse and allows you to focus on skill spamming. As you focus on fire damage, Mage Guild ultimates (Shooting Star) increase fire damage significantly over time. Make sure you use this spell on large groups of enemies, so that the spell has an ultimate effect for every enemy hit by the first blow. Fluffy Whip will be your primary spell, but keep in mind that your other Blazing Flame abilities will increase the damage of your next Fluffy Whip spell when it’s in this slot, meaning you’ll need to alternate your spells with other abilities. It may seem awkward at first if you’ve played other classes, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see its devastating effect on enemies. 3 /6


Image: ZeniMax via HGG word-image-6869 word-image-6870 Best race for DPS Dragon Knight The Khajiit is currently a very strong race and fits perfectly with the Dragon Knight DPS endurance playstyle. The Khajiit gives you 915 extra life points, stamina and magicka points, and a regeneration bonus from each resource (100 life points, 85 stamina/magicka). Khajiit also gain an additional 12% increase in critical damage and critical healing, allowing them to deal even more powerful critical blows. Dragon Knights with stamina also excel at inflicting damage over time, but they focus more on poison than fire. The poison state gives six seconds of damage, while the fire state only lasts four seconds. This means that you don’t have to apply it as often to enjoy its benefits. Each tic of the DOT ability has a critical hit chance, so make sure your critical hit chance is high with Armor or Thief Mundus, this will help you take full advantage of the extra 12% critical damage of the Khajiit passive. Stone Giant will be your main spammer and will cause the opponent to take increased damage with each roll of the skill once activated. Note that Stagger fades and must be reapplied every five seconds. Poison Claw is another ability to keep, as it does an insane amount of damage over time, but be careful not to use it too quickly. Poison Claw deals 20% extra damage every two seconds and is cancelled if you use the skill too quickly, so let it work for fourteen seconds before using it again. It can seem complicated at first to calculate all your DOT skills, but once you figure out how to apply them and manage your timers, you’ll find that your DPS increases significantly. Remembering the timers for each skill, or even using an add-on to keep track of them, is a great idea to improve gameplay in Dragonknight. 4 /6

High Elf

Image: ZeniMax via HGG word-image-6871 word-image-6872 Best race for healing knight The High Elf is a great breed for characters with magicka. It will help the Dragon Knight Healer use his Magicka resources more effectively while providing powerful healing. The healer knight is a tricky class because it was never a meta choice for healer. However, it is the best race for Dragon Knights in PvE – if you choose the right race. Using the high elf would make healing the dragon knight more feasible and would be a meta choice for this not quite meta deck. A high elf gives you 2000 magicka, 258 spell and weapon damage, and 625 magicka/stamina every six seconds after activating the skill, whichever is lower. With the extra magical power and damage from spells, your healing skills can adapt better and heal more, making your party easier to survive. Healing Dragon Knights focus on protecting their allies and use a recovery skill line for most of their healing abilities. Cauterize is the primary healing skill in the Flame of Arden skill tree, providing solid healing over time and also giving you the Great Prophecy skill, which increases the criticality value of your spells. Ashstorm (from the Heart of the Earth skill tree) provides excellent crowd control, slowing enemies at range by 70% and healing you and your allies inside once per second for fifteen seconds. Remember that the role of a healer in ESO is not only to keep your allies alive, but also to give them buffs and take out enemies so your party can do more damage. Using abilities like battle prayer and aggressive warhorn forces your party to fight to the maximum of their ability, increasing damage and overall stats. Keeping allies alive is the main goal, but getting buffs for yourself and your allies and inflicting damage is something you can easily accomplish as a Dragon Knight healer. 5 /6


Image: ZeniMax via HGG word-image-6873 word-image-6874 Best race for ESO Dragon Knight client The skills and customs of the Dragon Knights are descended from the Akaviri dragon hunters, who later evolved into the Blades (who you will encounter in Skyrim, which takes place about 1000 years after the events of the ESO timeline). The Nords operate as Dragon Knights for several reasons – one being that they are members of the Ebony Heart Pact, whose main symbol is the dragon. According to the Elder Scrolls story, Nordic Greybeards are the only people, other than Dragonborn, who can learn the dragon call Thu’um (though technically it’s not a requirement to be a Nordic Greybeard). With their history of constant connection and interaction with dragons, the Nords fit this theme perfectly. Nord gives you 1000 extra health, 1500 stamina, 2600 physical and spell resistance, and you even get 5 ultimates every ten seconds when you take damage. Nords also offers an additional 4620 frost resistance, which can help you in times of need. Northerners are naturally tough and have been a tank metaras for a long time, so if you make your Dragon Knight a Northerner, you’ll have almost the best passives in the metaras. The Nords are only ahead of the Imperials when it comes to refueling. Nord can also act as DPS with magic, but his passives are more suited to DPS with stamina. 6 /6


Picture: ZeniMax via HGG word-image-6875 word-image-6876 Best race for PVP Dragon Knight (Stamina) Which ESO race is best for Dragonknight in terms of PvP? Of course, the mighty orca! In PVP, a stamina knight doesn’t give you as much momentum as a magic knight, but it does allow you to fight groups better, meaning you’ll be on the front lines for much longer. The orc gives you 1000 extra stamina and health every four seconds, 258 extra damage with weapons and spells, and 2125 health when you deal damage. Because of this, orcs are born lightning rods, and can focus on raw damage instead of frequently casting healing spells like other races must do. You should still attack vigorously, but if your non-Orc opponents are stunned without natural healing support, it will be much easier for you to use your high damage skills to keep them on the defensive. Dragon Knight sets are naturally strong in defense, so you’ll be able to support yourself well in 1v1 and against enemy mobs. Vertigo Swing is your main spell, but you should cast as many DOT skills on enemies as possible to slowly burn them, then stun them with a burst of your spell followed by an Executioner skill. Dragon Knights can easily control the flow of the fight with crowd control, taking away an opponent’s health before they realize they are in danger. Take advantage of the slow and steady play style, then pounce on your opponent with flying ultimates and other combos.   word-image-2497 word-image-2498


The dragon knight is a good choice for any main, and we hope you can use some of our tips to find the ESO’best race for the dragon knight for your playstyle. Check out our other ESO guides and other game content, and stay up to date with our newsletter. Enjoy the game!Dragonknight is the tankiest race in ESO, with a large amount of survivability and a nice boost to damage. They’re also the easiest to play, which makes them the best race to start with if you’re a new player. Still, Dragonknights have a deep competency in the tank meta, so they’re no slouch in stats or skills. In this guide, we’ve listed the best races for a Dragonknight in ESO.. Read more about best race for necromancer eso and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What race is best for dragonknight in eso?

In the world of ESO, dragons are a formidable beast. They’re intelligent, powerful, and vicious, and can be extremely difficult to defeat. Although some may suggest that a dragon’s best friend is the other dragon, in reality, the only thing that they are best friends with is each other. Therefore, the best race for a dragonknight in ESO is actually a dragon, as they are going to be the most effective, and the most dangerous, with which to fight. Dragonknight in the Elder Scrolls Online is a new class that is being added to the game. Since it will be released relatively soon, we’re going to make a list of the best races for this class, along with their best choices in the upcoming meta.

Is dragonknight good for DPS?

Alright folks, this is Bioware’s first entry into the murky world of Best Races for Dragonknight 2021. Dragonknight is a hybrid class (a class that is a combination of two other classes) that is a DPS (Damage over time class) with a focus on AoE (Area of effect) damage. You have a choice between two sets of ‘Divine’ Armor: Warden and Templar. There are pros and cons to both sets of armor, although the Warden set has the better DPS, you shouldn’t pick a Dragonknight based on the armor you wear. Dragonknight is one of the most popular classes in the game, with well-balanced stats, a crowd-pleasing playstyle, and a class story that is one of the best in the game. It’s also one of the most effective DPS classes in the game, topping the charts when it comes to both damage and healing. On top of that, it’s one of the more flexible classes, with plenty of active abilities that allow it to become a versatile damage dealer.

Is magicka dragonknight good?

Dragonknights are the tanks of the ESO world. They’re the warriors that can fulfill the role of both tanks and DPS, allowing them to be a force to be reckoned with. With the release of the Dragonknight skill line in the Summerset expansion, many new Dragonknights have been created who have only been able to be used as a tank, which is something that Magicka Dragonknights can use to their advantage. The crafting skills that you spend your time leveling up are one of the most important elements of your character. You can assemble the perfect set of skills and have an immense impact on the world around you. However, there is always more to leveling your crafting skills than it may seem at first. Let us take a look at the available choices for crafting skills.

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