Hey everyone! I’m back in Austin now, but I’m still in the midst of work on Adrift.

When we first started working with our artists, we wanted to go all out and create epic, high-quality locations that would support Monster Hunter-level combat. However, we recognize that our game is still in the early phases of development, so we set a realistic


It’s been just over a month since we heard that Saga of Lucimia is being completely rebranded and rejigged as Embers Adrift. So, what’s been going on in the last 12 months? Stormhaven Studios’ developers have provided an update on what’s new in the MMORPG.

The first section of the post discusses the game’s world, which promises a “expansive” dungeon system that will provide players with hours of dungeon crawling fun akin to classic MMO and tabletop RPG adventures, as well as hints at a quest for players to assist a Ranger’s Guild in exploring uncharted and dangerous northern territory. The article then goes on to discuss the developers’ new character models, emphasizing the potential for users to build avatars of different forms and sizes. Finally, it discusses work on a number of gameplay systems, including tools that make it easier for players to form groups, a revamped mastery system that allows players to specialize in tank, attacker, supporter, or controller roles, and a revamped crafting system that considers material quality when creating a final product.

This article is devoid of any information regarding the game’s future stages in development. That said, alpha supporters may test the game every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. EDT, and the message concludes with the promise of a new game trailer and announcement coming shortly. For the time being, we may rest certain that this past year has been eventful.


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