The game, which is an RPG based on the start of the first book of The Saga of Lucimia, is currently raising funds for development. The game is planned to be released first on the PC, with an iOS and Android version to follow.

Embers Adrift, formerly Saga of Lucimia, is a retro-styled, multiplayer RPG that will ship on iOS, Android, and Ouya. The game is being developed by a small indie team, and is looking to raise $15,000 through a Kickstarter campaign. In the post, I’ll show you the characters, the art, and the fun stuff that is going to be in the demo.

Embers Adrift is a roguelike tactical RPG where players control a group of adventurers who are trying to escape the clutches of a dragon. The game’s Kickstarter campaign raised enough money to purchase the IP, but not enough to fully complete the game. To make it work, the team needs to raise another $100,000 to finish up.. Read more about saga of lucimia release date and let us know what you think.


Since announcing that Saga of Lucimia will be rebranded as Embers Adrift following the strange departure of the game’s original creators earlier this year, Stormhaven Studios has been rather silent this summer. But it’s getting a status report this week, and it’s got some very good news: the studio claims it’s now completely financed.

“We’ve successfully collected enough money to promote and launch the game, therefore our private fundraising round is coming to an end. While our funding is currently limited, we are certain that we will be able to provide you with a completed product that we can be proud of. Thank you to all of our past supporters and investors for making this dream a reality for everyone.”

“We are almost finished with the launch zones – maybe you can anticipate what that implies for the near future?” says the content. The squad teases each other. “Once the game is out, we’ll poll the community to see what parts of the map they think we should expand into next. We place a strong emphasis on community, and we aim to engage the players in what is really their game. Our post-launch aim is to introduce new zones, quests, monsters, and treasure every few months as part of the continuous development cycle, and we want to include the community in this process.”

Stormhaven also claims to have “successfully transitioned to the High Definition Rendering Pipeline,” as well as creating and recruiting a new game designer.

Take a look at the most recent #EmbersAdrift development updates!

🔹New HDRP graphics 🔹 Let’s welcome our new Game Designer, @AdricLives, one of our most dedicated community members 💪 🔹 Crafting, equipment, funding & more…

More information can be found at

September 1, 2021 EmbersAdrift (@EmbersAdrift)


Embers Adrift put out a call to action on their blog yesterday, saying that they’d raised $19,000 to get the game started. They’ve got some stretch goals in mind, but so far they’ve got enough money to get the game to the first couple of months of development.. Read more about ashes of creation and let us know what you think.

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