Elite Dangerous has seen a steady increase in new players over the last few years. While having a new playerbase is one of the games strengths, it also leads to complications with the game’s very popular Faction Warfare and Fleet Carriers features.

Elite Dangerous is the most accessible space game on PC, but there’s a lot to be done to make it truly approachable. Last week saw the release of the second major update for Elite Dangerous: Beyond. While the update is not without its problems, it still has a great deal of fans, and the community behind it is working hard to bring these issues to a satisfactory conclusion. The 40th Anniversary of Elite: Dangerous is a special occasion for a lot of people, so it’s been a busy few days for players, developers and publishers alike.

Elite Dangerous’ long-awaited second Chapter is finally out, and it’s been a busy week.

word-image-12107 It was a difficult time in the world of Elite:. Dangerous. The launch Wednesday of the Odyssey expansion on PC brought a series of events for the online space sandbox, from the good to the bad. As for some good news, thanks to the launch of the expansion, the game has broken a new record in player numbers on Steam, with a new high of over 27,000 players at the time of writing (and a modest compared to David Braben’s). In addition, players shared a series of beautiful screenshots, which noted on the game’s Twitter account. As for the bad news, the servers were absolutely overloaded during the initial launch. So Frontier Developments decided to temporarily stop jumping on float carriers to reduce server load, which seems to have worked for the most part. Currently, operators of a fleet must always leave their parking brakes on . As for recent developments, FDev released a patch and workaround yesterday to improve overall performance, which involves deleting some files from the installation folder and restarting the game. Other issues remain, such as conitinual Orange Sidewinder bugs, cost-cancellation messages for some items, and some players still cannot purchase costumes or weapons, even though the patch states that the fix is included. Starting an MMO, am I right? ViewIt’s that time of year again, and gamers around the world are once more anxiously awaiting the release of the latest major new gaming release. This year, the big one was Elite: Dangerous, and the release of version 2.3 has been eagerly anticipated by everyone in the community. As the release date drew closer, so did the release of the official Beta (at which point I said “No, please don’t release a beta!), the final release date, and some big changes that have been promised to come.. Read more about elite dangerous fleet carrier and let us know what you think.

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