A falloff in livestreams and communications has been reported by players of the popular game Elite Dangerous. The developer claims that a fix is coming soon, but what are the reasons for this? What impact do these issues have on gameplay?

The “Elite Dangerous explains a falloff in livestreams and communications” is a blog post by David Braben, the creator of Elite Dangerous. He answers some of the questions that have been asked about why there has been a decrease in livestreams and communications. Read more in detail here: is elite dangerous odyssey worth it.

Elite Dangerous explains a falloff in livestreams and communications


At the beginning of July, Elite: Dangerous studio Frontier Developments started trying to assuage player complaints about infrequent communication with the start of monthly development reports as well as weekly calendars and the Supercruise News livestreams. However, while the game’s Twitter account has been generally active, Supercruise News streams have not been back for a month, the weekly calendars halted in December, and the last monthly update post was in October.

Players were understandably concerned, but a note from the game’s chief community manager clarifies that conversations aren’t being terminated, but rather altered.

“The whole team is very happy to reveal all of the impending content for this year, including new updates, content expansions, and the next big chapter in the continuing story after the conclusion of the Azimuth Saga.” We’re also excited to show off our new streaming format when the program returns as a weekly broadcast. Once we return to the office, we’ll introduce new parts, year-round Twitch Drop promotions, and studio-quality production.”

For the time being, the developers have “many questions that must be resolved internally to guide this communication strategy,” therefore communication will remain haphazard for an indeterminate period of time. More communications are on the way, however.

This silence from FDev has agitated an already agitated playerbase: the Odyssey expansion’s sloppy PC release has caused its console release to be postponed while the developers concentrate on upgrading the PC version. As a consequence, the company has received a “disappointing” response and has experienced a net financial loss half-year over half-year. As a consequence, many people are still negative about this new communication strategy.


Elite Dangerous is a space-sim game released in 2014. On the 20th of January, 2019, the developers announced that they are going to be cutting back on livestreams and communications due to the falloff in viewership. Reference: elite dangerous free cosmetics.

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