Frontier Developments’ Elite Dangerous has been a huge success for the studio, but it’s not without its issues. One of those issues was the game’s DLC, which were becoming ever more expensive and less widely available. This has left many fans feeling like they were being treated like second-class citizens, and this week the community has been given their answer.

While some of the more cynical gamers have begun to notice, there have been no negative consequences for Frontier so far. In fact, the initial reaction from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. Frontier have moved their promises of free updates and continued support for the game forward, including the promised release of the first of four planned major expansions, Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One. This has provided a number of developers and publishers who have been disappointed with the delays and feature-free nature of Frontier’s previous expansions with a sense of stability and predictability that has been missing in the current climate.

The studio behind Elite Dangerous, Frontier Developments, announced last week that it has delayed its latest title to 2019. The game, Distant Worlds 3, was originally announced last year, but development has been hampered by the need to update the game’s engine, which Frontier has been unable to do with its current workforce. The company has been hit by a series of departures (four since the start of 2018) and has been forced to pile up its development schedule.

word-image-1515 It’s no secret that the launch of the Elite Dangerous Odyssey update went badly: Numerous bugs and issues appeared during the initial launch, and many disgruntled players complained about the update’s changes to the user interface and planets. Part of a podcast from Elite points to the community’s poor rating on Steam, a plummeting share price and the departure of key community leaders as signs that developer Frontier Developments has squandered its goodwill on gamers. In the comments of this YouTuber podcast video, Erimus Kamzel announced that the Turning the Wheel community initiative will likely be the last such event for some time, with others like Distant Worlds 3 having been postponed indefinitely. The game has lost its soul. […] There needs to be a serious change in Frontier’s attitude towards its players, Kamzel writes. They don’t deserve this amazing creative community now, and if they don’t restore it or stop bashing it, they will lose it forever. Meanwhile, FDev continues to struggle with various Odyssey-related issues, and the latest update indicates that the team is monitoring Odyssey’s impact on the background simulation and made adjustments last Friday to bring everything in line with Horizons. We are aware of the concerns expressed in the gaming communities about Odyssey’s impact on background simulation. We will continue to monitor this issue closely in the future, the statement said.

. ViewUser-driven development is an exciting way to produce software, and Elite Dangerous is a great example of it. After its release in December 2014, Frontier Developments worked relentlessly alongside its players to produce the game that it wanted to make. Around this time, Frontier’s development model was not quite as streamlined as it is today, and there was no formal bug bounty programme in place, so the community was quick to report and fix bugs. Because of this, Elite Dangerous’ first few releases (including the first public beta) had a number of bugs in them, including poor performance, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it meant a relatively bug-free game.. Read more about elite dangerous expedition planner and let us know what you think.

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