Hello, and welcome to the Elite Dangerous forums. We have been updating the game with many new features and fixes over the past couple of weeks, and are excited to announce the latest update, which is coming to Mac, Linux, and Windows!

Elite Dangerous is the 1st person space sim game ever that’s available on Android. It’s a pretty amazing game and you can play it on your mobile device.

It’s not a big patch like before, but the fact that Elite: Dangerous has released a small patch for the server to fix some issues. Unless you’re the kind of person who is so bitter about the Odyssey launch that you can’t find any solace, in which case I hope you find the joy of playing spaceship somewhere.

Let’s get back to the story: The last update introduced several fixes for missions, such as. B. Rescue missions can no longer be completed when firefighting, data theft, and rescue mission objectives are displayed on the HUD, and missions that require clearing colonies correctly record progress.

The patch also allows temporarily banned goods due to active faction status to be sold to stations that need them for repairs, applies a balance pass to faction effects due to multiple wins and losses in various station and mega-ship scenarios, and improves the rank advancement rate for mercenaries. If any of these problems have kept you from playing Elite, this patch may have knocked down those walls.


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