Elder Scrolls Online, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), is updating its latest content for the third time this year. This update includes testing of Update 33: Ascending Tide, which will allow players to explore underwater locations and fight new enemies. New housing has also been added in the form of Seaveil Spire—a member’s only home that can be found on Summerset Isles.

The “eso patch notes today” is a blog post that has been released by the developers of Elder Scrolls Online. The blog post includes information about the upcoming update, Ascending Tide, and new Seaveil Spire house.

Elder Scrolls Online begins testing update 33, Ascending Tide, and new Seaveil Spire house


The public test server for Elder Scrolls Online’s update 33 and Ascending Tide DLC went live yesterday, as promised. The free update and DLC aren’t slated to arrive until March, so we’ll have at least a month to scout the DLC’s dungeon set and the account-wide achievement system that will be included in the free update. The dungeons, of course, are both themed around the sea.

“In this first DLC, you’ll be charged with researching the ruins of the once-proud All Flags Navy and invading a costal refuge of the enigmatic Ascendant Order,” ZeniMax explains. “Completing these dungeons will also get you access to a variety of additional item sets, trinkets, achievements, and other goodies.”

“As part of the free basic game update, we’re delighted to introduce account-wide Achievements, which will appear as completed on all of your characters if you achieve an Achievement on one of them.” We’ve also included many new PvP item sets, as well as a unique PvP Outfit Style, that can be acquired through Rewards of the Worthy and Imperial City. During this PTS session, you may try a new Deconstruction Assistant and Multi-Rider Mounts in the Crown Store.”

Seaveil Spire, a new home that YouTubers have previously scouted, will also be included in the update. It’s very stunning, people.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJ9PtO49 So

Prepare ahead of time with our first #ESO PTS patch notes of the year! https://t.co/Xgo311PTzh pic.twitter.com/BfWHlDSZMx

— The Elder Scrolls Online (@TESOnline) January 31, 2022


The “eso pts patch notes” is a blog post that details the update 33, Ascending Tide, and new Seaveil Spire house.

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