Elden Ring is a beautiful pixel game that’s heavy on the nostalgia. The developers recently released an update with new features and content, but most notably they’ve added support for PlayStation 4 controllers! They also introduced some optional PS4 controller controls to make it easier to play Elden Ring on your TV or in VR.

The “elden ring prattling pate locations” is a guide to help you find the Elden Ring in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’s a rare item that can be found only in specific locations.

Elden Ring Prattling Pates | Where to Find – Guide Fall

We’re all familiar with the plethora of emotes available in Elden Ring. There are, however, objects known as Prattling Pates that enable you to communicate with others. When deployed, these strange, lumpy sculptures that resemble faces may speak pre-programmed words. Their voices are deep and raspy, yet they have a shabby charm about them. They’re also a lot of fun to utilize in multiplayer. There are a total of eight of them, and we’ll show you where they’re all located!

Where in Elden Ring Can You Find All Prattling Pates?

prattling-pate-640x360Where in Elden Ring Can You Find All Prattling Pates?


This straightforward salutation is the first and simplest Prattling Pate to locate in Elden Ring. Starting from the Church of Elleh Site of Grace in Limgrave, go northwest along the valley’s edge until you reach Stormfoot Catacombs. Make sure you have a ranged weapon or Incantation ready when you reach the first hallway with the fire-emitting trap. You can disarm the trap by striking it, but approaching it in melee range is much more perilous. Walk behind the trap after it’s been disarmed and retrieve the Hello Prattling Pate off the corpse.

Please assist me.

The Please assist me. Prattling Pate is found in the Impaler’s Catacombs, just across the Bridge of Sacrifice leaving south of Limgrave, in the northeast corner of the Weeping Peninsula. You’ll have to use Torrent to ride a Spiritspring to hop up onto the ridge where the catacombs are found. Inside, you’ll come across a spike trap that lifts a large portion of the floor. Go ahead and trigger the trap. While the floor is raised, slip underneath it and jump down below into the water. You’ll encounter a bunch of undead enemies and a washed up corpse laying by a pillar. Search the corpse to find the Prattling Pate.

Thank You

The Tombsward Catacombs inside the Weeping Peninsula are home to this exceedingly courteous Prattling Pate. This is a little distance beyond the Weeping Evergaol, northeast of the Fourth Church of Marika. Explore the tombs until you come upon a fire pillar trap. From here, take a left along a corridor until you reach a chamber filled with skeleton foes. A corpse clutching the Thank You Prattling Pate may be found in front of one of the crypts.

Bonus tip: Defeat the dungeon monster, the Cemetery Shade, before leaving the Tombsward Catacombs. The formidable Lhutel the Headless Spirit summon is the prize for defeating it.


The Wonderful Prattling Pate may be found in Liurnia’s Cliffbottom Catacombs. Head northeast from the Church of Irith and follow the right-hand route, sticking close to the cliff’s edge on the east end of the road. Continue going further into the tunnels until you reach a short passageway. You’ve found it if you glance up to the second level and see the back of a statue. On the right side, there will be a tunnel if you drop down below. Fight or dodge the huge foes in this location long enough to pilfer the Prattling Pate off the corpse on the ground.


Apologies for the remorseful Prattling Pate may be found in Mt. Gelmir’s Unsightly Catacombs, southwest of the Craftsman’s Shack. To enter this place, you’ll need two Stonesword Keys. Furthermore, this is a difficult site to navigate. Many dangerous gargoyles may be found in these tombs, and you’ll have to battle your way through them. When you get to the area with the boss door lever, travel to the other end of the room and look for the corpse carrying this item.

You’re stunning.

This is the first of the Prattling Pates that is not found within a catacombs. Make your way to the Hermit Village northeast of the Craftsman’s Shack. When entering the village, there will be a corpse lying on the porch of one of the houses. There will be enemies around, so be prepared to fight or lead them away long enough to run up and grab the You’re stunning. Prattling Pate from the corpse.

Let’s get started.

To find Let’s get started., you’ll need to head to the Sainted Hero’s Grave in the Atlus Plateau. Starting from the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge, head southwest until you reach the grave site. Enter and be ready to move. You can easily run past enemies here, but the hallways contain fast-dropping guillotine traps. Get past the second corridor of these traps and run through an opening on the right side. Climb the ladder, then drop down ahead. A Grafted Scion will be waiting for you, so be prepared to fight it. Once beaten, head onto the next room where a black shadow enemy awaits at the end. Partway towards this enemy, you will find the corpse holding this most motivational of Prattling Pates.

My Dearest

This final and most wistful Prattling Pate is found within the Haligtree Canopy. To get My Dearest, you have to have finished either Latenna’s quest or found both pieces of the Haligtree Secret Medallion. After getting past the riddle of Ordina, Liturgical Town, you will show up in Haligtree. Starting from the Site of Grace here, go past the trumpet-blowers and drop onto a small branch on the right. There is a strong enemy ahead from here, but instead of going towards them, drop down to a large fungi growth below where you can see the corpse. This will give you the My Dearest Prattling Pate.

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