Dual Universe is officially part of the GeForce NOW games library (but you still need to pay a sub to play it).

Dual Universe is a multiplayer, sci-fi, real-time strategy game that puts players up against each other in a struggle for control of a solar system. The game is set in a distant future where humanity has expanded into the stars, but a major war has ended in a stalemate. The game is split up into three sections: 1) a campaign, 2) a survival mode and 3) a multiplayer mode. In the campaign and survival mode you fight for control of solar systems in the universe, while the multiplayer mode puts players up against each other in an attempt to control a solar system.

Dual Universe is now part of the GeForce NOW games library. You can play it now for free with a GeForce NOW subscription. And it’s awesome.

Raise your hand if you want to pay a subscription fee to access a game service and then pay a subscription fee to access any of the games on that service. This is partially what Dual Universe offers, as the game has officially announced that it is joining the GeForce NOW catalog.

To be fair, the GeForce NOW and service offers a free option that limits gaming sessions to one hour, and the service also allows owners of low-end machines to play games they probably wouldn’t be able to play (assuming their internet speeds allow it), which is a big plus from Novaquark’s announcement.

Novaquark is pleased to announce a partnership with NVIDIA GeForce NOW to make Dual Universe as accessible as possible to our players. Dual Universe has been thoroughly tested to ensure optimal performance on GeForce NOW. You can now play OR in all its graphic glory.

However, to play OR on Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, you need to subscribe to the game. The cheapest plan is $21 for a three-month subscription. If that’s not a serious wall between you and a space sandbox MMO in beta, you can answer that impulse now.

ViewAfter teasing Dual Universe on the NVIDIA GeForce NOW app for several months, the game has finally launched on the service. Since NVIDIA has officially announced this, I figured this blog post had to be written.. Read more about nvidia gamestream and let us know what you think.

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