Days Gone is an open world, action role-playing game from Bend Studio. The gameplay is a mix of zombie apocalypse, shooter and third-person action-adventure. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the surviving humans are living in small enclaves called “colonies”, and controlled by a huge corporation called the “Union”.

Days Gone is a new third-person action role-playing video game developed by SIE Bend Studio, a Sony owned subsidiary. The story of the game revolves around Deacon St. John, an ex-soldier who is forced into a mission to quell a devastating outbreak of the fast-spreading “Bloater” virus. He is accompanied by a young girl named Kat, who serves as a secondary protagonist.

Two years ago, I wrote a review of the PS4 game Days Gone , and after playing it again recently, I decided to take a look back and see how it holds up today. Day Gone is a game I enjoyed back when it first released, and while I wasn’t able to get into the game in the same way I was back then, I thought it was worth a second look.

Days Gonewas released on PS4 two years ago. It’s one of the few Sony games that isn’t widely praised. Personally, I always thought it was unfair, and the game has become my favorite of 2019. Over time, it has become one of my favorite games in the genre. In the two years since, Days Gone has gained cult status among console gamers – as much as was possible for a game that was even revealed at E3 – and nowDays Gone is getting a second chance with the general public as the latest in a growing list of Sony games coming to PC. But forDays Gone to garner more praise this time around, the PC port needs to be impressive, which wasn’t always the case with Sony’s previous games. Thankfully, Sony Bend’s Broken Road is an excellent port that brings one of the world’s best post-apocalyptic games to new players.

Days Gone PC Review : The Way of Greatness

word-image-17350 The premise ofDays Goneis pretty simple, as the Game Informer team admitted during the magazine’s trip to Oregon to create the cover. ThisThe Walking Dead meetsSons of Anarchy. One of the few survivors of the virus outbreak, Deacon St. Clair, is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. John travels the rugged forests and snowy mountains of central Oregon on his motorcycle, often with his best friend and former club member, Boozer. Although they still wear their colors, their motorcycle gang has all but disbanded. You travel to a world where most people have been turned into Freakers, maniacal zombie-like albinos who tear and torture the flesh of the living when they’re not moving in massive hordes or hiding in their smelly nests. Days Gone is the embodiment of the adage write what you know. The action takes place in the Sony Bend area, so the setting seems rich and well documented. Realistic views like Crater Lake are complemented by authentic gas stations, shops, churches and houses. The once peaceful mountain towns are now covered in filth and decay, caused by more than two years of social decay. In its place, several colonies have emerged, each with its own leadership and group dynamics. Some survive on slavery, others are havens for far-right conspiracy theorists (who now feel justified because they spent their pre-viral years building caches). Others are still fledgling democracies, often struggling, where caring people try to keep their heads up in a world where most have given up appearances as soon as the dispensaries are empty and the wolves start hunting people. word-image-17351 The world ofDays Gone is largely inspired by its undead predecessors, many of which feature similar chaos, but in the game’s extended story mode, it proves to be successful despite – and sometimes thanks to – its stylistic quirks. The entire game plays out like a zombie epic that spans multiple seasons, and each new settlement Deacon enters feels like the beginning of a new season, as Rick Grimes’ group moves from the CDC building to the prison, from the prison to Alexandria, and so on. While the stories of the past continue to reverberate in the present, Deacon’s Polar Star still remains his presumed dead wife, the one he lost on the first night the world went to hell. Deacon’s story isn’t always as clever as he thinks it is. Some twists are obvious from a distance, but they’re interesting enough to make this 40-hour adventure worthwhile. All of this makes for a familiar yet compelling story that contextualizes Deacon’s wanderings in the open world better than some other games in the genre. It clears monster nests to allow for quick moves that offer more momentum and repetition than tower climbing in Ubisoft games. He can unlock safe havens and improve his passive skills by guarding abandoned evacuation zones that almost troll players with their invisible alarms, ready to explode if Deacon acts too hastily. At the best moments in the game, Deacon can battle the huge hordes of Freakers that move through the Oregon wilderness like schools of aggressive fish, intimidating in appearance and even harder to take down. With dozens of map icons to explore,Days Gone doesn’t often shake up the rules of open-world adventure gaming, but it embodies zombie fantasy better than any other member of this crowded genre. And on PC, it’s still great. word-image-17352 I feared thatDays Gone would arrive on PC in a pitiful state after PlayStation had problems withHorizon ‘s release on the platform, but that’s not the case at all. In dozens of hours of work, I’ve had no problems. It’s really that simple. The gameDays Gone , which offers an unregulated frame rate, is much better than its PS4 version and can even beat the improved PS5 version currently available in the PS Plus collection, provided your hardware can handle 60 fps. For those who like to play on extra-wide monitors,Days Gonemakes excellent use of presentation mode, where wilderness and massive hordes fill your stretched screen. It’s especially useful against free throw shooters because they like to flank Deacon, giving him both functionality and fashion. Besides the standard features of the PC port, such as keyboard and mouse support and more visual customization options, my favorite part ofDays Gone on PC is the photo mode, which was already present in previous versions of the game but now looks better than ever on PC. Every seam and tear in Deacon’s hat, every stain on his bike, and every wrinkle in Freecker’s skin stood out at first glance – I immediately placed the photo in the background. For virtual photographers,Days Gone has become a favorite for its detailed environments and realistic character models. Now this niche feels totally spoiled by the PC port. LikeMad Maxby Avalanche,Days Gone transfers the bond with its horse (Ghost of Tsushima orRed Dead Redemption)to a mechanical animal. For Deacon, it’s his bike, and Sony Bend has managed to convince players to track the bike’s status and location at all times. The engine allows the player to quickly navigate and save while Deacon flees the hordes, destroys enemies, and moves from landmark to landmark, all while saving fuel and regularly upgrading the engine, both functionally and cosmetically. Deacon’s motorcycle is an extension of his own being, and by extension, the player’s. You never enter anywhere without knowing exactly where you left it, and no matter how far away it is, you’ll see its icon on your mini-map. The surest sign that this world is cruel is that you quickly learn to park your car so that you can get away quickly. Days Gone has some great moments, both scripted and, more importantly, organic. Ushering a horde into an enemy camp or watching a bunch of monsters battle an aggressive bear are the kind of dioramas from zombie fiction I crave in my constant consumption of the genre, andDays Gone offers them in abundance.

Days Gone PC Test – TheConclusion



  • A fascinating mix of scripted and organic moments
  • A beautiful open world inspired by real places
  • Enemy hordes make for constant chaotic fun.
  • The story is satisfyingly presented as a saga consisting of several seasons.
  • A great mix of survival horror resource management and RPG-style enhancements.


  • Some typical open world traps

The transversal line of the novel Days Gone is hope lost and hope retained. For Deacon, it’s the often reckless search for his wife. For others, even the lower parts of Maslow’s pyramid collapse and give way to total despair. Whether he’s hiding in the grass when a horde passes, or Deacon is frantically chasing down every false trail he thinks will lead to his partner, there’s only a glimmer of hope that things will go well. And as fun as decay is, when those hopes are realized,Days Gone shines. If you still don’t have a PS5 and have never had the chance to playDays Gone , know that this is not a game that breaks the mold of the massive sandboxes we’ve seen so many times before. But whatDays Gonedoes well is that it offers the player a world where nothing is easy. Dozens of hours after playing the game several times, I still dodge a small group of freakers when I can. But overcoming these challenges and creating something new from a new world is always the lifeblood of great zombie movies, and even though Sony Bend renames its monsters, Days Gone is one of the best video games of the genre ever made. [Note: Sony supplied the PC copy of Days Gone used for this test].

Frequently Asked Questions

Is days gone good or bad?

Days Gone is a third person action game that is said to be set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game is the result of Sony and Bend Studios’ collaboration and is the result of their “collaboration that started in 2014”. The game takes place in the future and in the United States, where the circumstances for the end of the world have been laid out. As the story progresses, players will have to discover the secrets that have been hidden and the dark forces that are hunting them. Days Gone is an open world action, role playing game that brings a new spin to the horror genre. The main objective is to find Bonnie, a girl named after the main character. Bonnie is in trouble and the player’s mission is to find her.

Is there a way to play Days gone on PC?

In the game Days Gone, you play as Deacon St. John, a man trying to survive in post-apocalyptic America. Deacon and his small group of survivors are caught in a war between two groups of Deacons. The scavenging group, led by the main antagonist, the Forgotten Father, are trying to survive on their own, and they won’t stop until they’ve wiped out the rest of the Deacons. On the other side, Deacon’s closest friend, the Father, is trying to take over the Forgotten Father’s group. And that’s where you come in. First announced nearly a year ago, Sony’s zombie survival horror game Days Gone is finally coming to PC next year. Its been a long time—almost an entire console generation—since a high-profile game has made this transition. So, is there a way to play Days Gone on PC? If you’ve been looking for a definitive answer, rest assured, there is. If you want a true, in-depth review of the game that puts you in the driver’s seat, we’ve got you covered.

What platform is days gone on?

Days Gone is an open-world post-apocalyptic action-adventure video game developed by Bend Studio. It was released September 2018 on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. It is the second game in the Days Gone series and is a sequel to the 2017 video game, Days Gone , which was also developed by Bend Studio. Days Gone looks and feels like a PS4 exclusive and it is, but there is much more to the story than that. Days Gone is an open world survival horror game where the player must fight against a zombie apocalypse. The player must scavenge for weapons, food, and resources, avoid being bitten, and make it to safety. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the player can explore the former United States. The game is based on an original story written by Sony Bend and offers outstanding graphics that immerse players into the game.

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