Dauntless, a third-person action RPG game with real-time combat and crafting released a new update that makes tokens purchased in the PC/Mac version permanent. The developers also added an additional fair trade market to buy hunt passes at cost price or even sell them on PucaTrade.

Dauntless makes bounty tokens and purchased hunt passes permanent in latest update


Regular players are no doubt aware of Dauntless’ fondness for combat passes, but those passes were only accessible for a short time; if you didn’t make it to the level and reward you desired before the next pass was issued, you were out of luck. That will no longer be the case with the New Dawn update, since battle passes that have been upgraded from the free to the paid-for elite edition will never expire, may be finished on the player’s own schedule, and can be exchanged at any time.

Another Dauntless mainstay, the reward token, is losing its transitory status, which means that any tokens accumulated from season to season will be carried over instead of evaporating at the start of each season. Additionally, one additional bounty token may be spent to enhance a bronze to silver or silver to gold reward on the list.

A sky pirate-themed battle pass is also included in the New Dawn update, as well as a new round of weekly challenges, narrative quests, platinum shop products, and Reward Cache items, as well as a number of specific changes to a variety of hunting field events. The entire information can be seen in the patch notes, while the clip below shows off the new hunt pass rewards.

Slayers, we’ve got some great events and new material in store for you! Take a look at our 1.9.X Roadmap.

Saint’s Bond Festivities, New Dawn Season, Bounty System Update, Radiant Behemoths, and more!

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— Dauntless (@PlayDauntless) January 19, 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

Do bounty tokens expire Dauntless?

A: No, our tokens do not expire.

How long does Dauntless Hunt pass last?

A: Dauntless Hunt lasts for about 2 hours. The time is based on how many monsters you kill and how long it takes to reach the end of the hunt.

How do you get free bounty tokens in Dauntless?

A: You can get free tokens by completing a bounty. These bounties are usually given out at the end of each week, or sometimes when a new event is brought to us

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