CyGames has announced a new development project titled Project GAMM. The main goal is to create a game that is suitable for the Japanese market. The game takes place in a western style fantasy world. Gamers will be able to enjoy a Japanese-style experience that is otherwise unavailable in the west. The company will be releasing a beta version in Japan on November 11th, and will be recruiting players to test the game.

CyGames, a mobile game developer, published a press release announcing a new project that will be under development. The game is titled “Project GAMM” and a short trailer was released with it. Project GAMM is a game where the players will be able to explore the world through a shadow. You will be able to see the world of the shadow that will be made based on the location of the current GPS position of the player. The more you walk, the more you will be able to see the world.

Home News CyGames announces new development project: GAMM Project word-image-14219 Cygames has announced a brand new console game, Project GAMM, which will see Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki, among others, join the company that developed Granblue Fantasy and Uma Musume in 2019. word-image-14221   Project GAMM is directed by Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki –plot details The GAMM (pronounced gamu) project is described as a classic sword and sorcery fantasy set in a world called Noir. The game becomes magical with sun and rain. Kenichiro Takaki previously announced a media mix project with Cygames for 2019, which turned out to be Project GAMM. This means that it is entirely possible that Project GAMM will be adapted into an anime and other works published simultaneously with the game. word-image-14222 word-image-14223   GAMM Project Release Date, Platforms, Staff Cygames did not give an estimated release date, announcing only that the game is planned for consoles. However, some details have been revealed about the personnel behind the GAMM project. Kenichiro Takaki is a producer and director. The famous illustrator Mogumo is responsible for the design of the characters. Was the OST written by Shire? Sagisu, who has collaborated on legendary anime series like Attack You, Fushigi no Umi no Nadia, Kimagure Orange Road, Bleach and Evangelion. The environment was designed by Kiyoshi Arai (Red House), who most recently worked on Bravely Default II. Commenting on the Japanese press release, Kenichiro Takaki said that he has put all his love and passion into the project in order to continue and make the magical, fantastic game he dreamed of as a child, and to meet the expectations of game fans. In the meantime, you see Shir? Sagisu, the term Gamm may have come from an amalgamation of the Japanese pronunciation of the words time, play and music. The official website of the GAMM project has been launched and is available in English. GAMM Project Illustrations, Characters, Mechs, Gameplay Cygames has confirmed that Project GAMM will be an action game. Several screenshots and concept art in development have been released. Some characters were also introduced. In the gallery above you will find mostly illustrations of the four characters and the sword. The character with the red hair is called Shimei, and the character who looks like a maid is called Ricotta. The name of the male character is Washuran and the samurai is named Karasumi. There are also magic furs called sprints.

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