Crusader Kings 3 Succession Guide  This guide is the primary resource for learning about the mechanics and game systems in Crusader Kings 2. It will help you understand the long-term strategies that you can employ in your play-throughs, explains the most effective means of advancing the game through the use of goals/objectives, and provides information about a number of different character traits and character traits in general.

Recently we wrote about the Crusader Kings 3 Succession guide. We will continue on this topic. The world of Crusader Kings 3 is a complex one and there are many things to consider other than just a simple succession to the kingdom. Some people will focus on religious or dynastic ties, others will look for a spare heir or a marriage that will make the whole family happy, while others will prefer to have the best possible heir from the start.

Understanding the rules of succession is a key to successful dynasty building in Crusader Kings 2. What happens if you have too many, too few, or a variable number of children? How do you decide who gets what in a dynasty that spans years, decades and centuries? Who does what from one generation to the next? How do you handle all the possible situations (e.g., dead heirs, long-lived spouses, long-lived children) that can occur in long-lived dynasties? How do you know who to trust?

word-image-15347 The only real key to success in Crusader Kings 3 is succession, and the only way to fail is to die without an heir. This makes them your main concern during the game, whether you are a simple count or an exalted emperor. The main purpose of this guide is to introduce the basics of how it works, and then explain how to make it work for you. At first glance, succession is easy to understand…. when your playable character dies, you take over the life of the heir of your main title. But even here difficulties may arise, depending on the inheritance laws of the kingdoms. These laws determine who has the right to inherit, who has priority, and the basis for the division of property rights.

CK3 Inheritance tax

word-image-15348 At the beginning of the game and for the first few centuries, you only have access to one inheritance per county that divides your lands among your eligible children. By default, this means that your eldest son inherits the main title, as well as the capital of the realm and all associated direct titles by operation of law. If you have more than one eligible child, the others will be given titles, starting with those in the same grade as your first child. If you z. B. being the king of two countries, upon the death of the ruler the second kingdom goes to the second oldest son. In the absence of equal ranks, they are assigned lower ranks. At the simplest level of confederation division, the game automatically creates lower titles that you can inherit (such as duchies), while it does not for division and high division, meaning you can avoid losing duchies by simply not creating them. In a top division, the heir of a player always inherits at least half of the titles. Even then, any kind of separation will cause problems in maintaining the integrity of your country. The best way to do this is to go to the United Heirs systems, but it takes a long time to unlock them through the cultural technology system. Remember that you will have five powerful vassals, consisting of the strongest among you, and they must all agree with you to change an inheritance. Powerful vassals will also agree to change the law if they are locked up or afraid of you.

Have your cake and don’t drop it

word-image-15349 This dire situation can cause you stress and lead to successive wars to reunite your kingdom, but there are a few things you can do to provide stability. First, you need to focus on getting some points in the Learning Lifestyle program. We discuss this in more detail in the lifestyle and benefits guide, but in a nutshell, you want to keep the decision to become single. This solution reduces your fertility to zero and allows you to not constantly produce time bombs for children. The next option is the disinheritance character variant. By applying this method to all but one of your potential heirs, you ensure that all securities go to one person. This, however, is not without its problems, for your children will not only hate you for it (-75), but will give it much fame. Rebirth can give lasting and powerful buffs to your entire bloodline, and spending large amounts of money will hurt you in the long run. Therefore, it is best to combine this with the choice of celibacy, so that you don’t have to do it with more than one or two children per generation. This will still be a major obstacle to creating a legacy, so you will need to decide if it is worth pursuing. The cheaper, less hostile option of disinheriting your heir’s children costs half as much, and they won’t hate their father if he takes the throne after you, which is nice. In any case, if you choose this strategy, you should keep in mind that you can pass on the children at a lower cost if necessary. That doesn’t mean you can afford to keep replacing them, but it’s a useful tactic in case your heir dies or a disinherited son seems more attractive as the next leader. It also means you can choose who you want as your heir without the absolute power of the crown and the cost of a thousand prestige.

CK3 Real estate management

word-image-15350 Power over the realm is a simple concept. Vassals want it low, lords want it high, and tyrants want it absolutely. There are four levels available, with the third level suitable for most needs. Increase it to three and prevent minions from fighting each other unless they use a hook on you. This is very important because it is much harder for followers to gain power to threaten your position. The lower levels of government allow for the revocation of titles and various inheritance laws, while the higher levels also levy taxes and collect contributions. The main advantage of the absolute level is the succession hit, but that only really plays if you have a single legacy, while the main disadvantage is the huge -30 opinion hit on all minions. By the way: If you are a tribe and you want to turn into a feudal, you also need absolute power.

CK3 Gender law

word-image-15351 By default, the gender law is set to Prefer Male, and you should probably leave it that way, especially if you’re playing a Catholic, since religions have their own laws about who gets to rule. In most cases, this means that women can inherit if there are no eligible men. If you set this to Men Only, you’ll be fine, but you may lose control of your inheritance and pass it on to a random cousin. If you are looking for more Crusader Kings 3 guides, you can check out the troops guides page as well as the culture and innovation guides. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord. We may also include links to affiliated stores, which will earn us a small commission if you make a purchase through them. Thank you.We’ve covered the basics, but the following will go into greater detail on how you can become king of your dynasty. The choice of who your heir is suited to be is important, and you’ll have to actively choose who it is in different circumstances depending on your needs.. Read more about how to change succession laws ck3 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does succession work in Crusader Kings 3?

The goal of an heir is NOT to inherit the entire Kingdom. Instead, your goal is to ensure that your dynasty lives on and that the heir is capable of holding onto the title in the long term. But how to ensure that? This guide touches on all the major features in the game to help you succeed in Crusader Kings 3 Succession. As noted in the title, this article is intended to be a guide to succession in Crusader Kings 3. I will not go over the mechanics of succession in CK3, since there is more than enough information on the wiki, as well as the forums. I will, however, give some general advice on succession: – You may need to consider succession in multiple dynasties at the same time. – Think beyond your immediate family. – Take a step back from the computer and think about succession from a historical perspective. – You may need to make some difficult choices.

How do I choose my heir in Crusader Kings 3?

Once you do manage to get that heir elected, you’ll need to figure out how to keep them happy and healthy. If you have a strong ruler, you’ll have to keep the taxes low and don’t let them live to old age. If you have a weak one, you’ll have to play hardball and make them do all the work. But there’s a third scenario: Your heir may be very good at their job, but they’re an absolute nightmare. They may even be a danger to your kingdom. I wrote an essay on the Crusader Kings 3 Succession Guide a couple of years back, and lately I’ve been playing it again, and I’ve noticed that the game itself has changed quite a bit since then. How do you choose your heir in CK3? There are plenty of options, but if you want to get the most out of them, you need to choose the right one.

Can you choose your heir in CK3?

Unlike in Crusader Kings 2, you now have the option to choose the heir of your ruler in Crusader Kings 3 . This gives you the freedom to choose your heir, even if your ruler is not a kind and benevolent man, or a bloodthirsty psychopath. So, I’ve decided to showcase ten different possible scenarios for a succession, and the succession laws that can be used to achieve them. If you’ve been following the series of CK3 tutorial blogs then you know I’ve recently begun a string of guide entries about succession law in pre-Crusader Kings monarchies. It’s a bit of an out-there topic, but as I mentioned in my last entry, I think it’s an important one. Why? Because succession laws are often a source of chaos and confusion. I’m not going to spend too much time on this, but I do want to give you a heads up about some of the problems with inheritance in CK3. If your dynasty looks like it’s going to go belly-up, you may want to consider changing your succession laws to something a bit more secure.

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