The team behind Crowfall has been working hard on the game’s first update. This patch isn’t only including bug fixes, but it’s also including new features as well to add to the game.

After two years of development, we’re finally launching Crowfall into open beta! As we’ve said many times, this isn’t a typical MMO launch—we’re doing things a bit differently. We’re launching with a smaller, global beta, and, unlike a lot of MMORPGs, we’re not launching a closed-beta to a select number of players. Instead, we’re opening up the game to everyone with open beta access, starting today.

Crowfall’s Executive Producer Gordon Walton has penned a fresh dev blog this afternoon, one week in to the game’s launch, to discuss the state of the MMO and ArtCraft’s plans going forward. Walton reiterates what players experienced with the launch last week: that it was marred by some technical difficulties and DDOS attacks but that feedback from players has been helpful and that the team has been “hyper-focused” on fixing zone crashes.

On yesterday’s podcast, Justin and I expressed surprise at the quiet launch and the lack of advertising and hype. It’s been low-key on purpose, Walton explains, and promotion will ramp up across the EU, NA, Oceania, and Brazilian markets “soon.” And yes, Oceania players, the devs know you’re grumpy about the fact that the Dregs campaigns have begun in Europe and North America but not for you. They haven’t forgotten you; it sounds like you just need more players in those regions to get to the “thousands” of level 25+ toons required. “We’re still building our audience in the Brazilian and Australian markets and look forward to starting campaigns there soon,” Walton says.

Development continues on the game, both in the form of updates to the base game and the first big patch. In the short term, ArtCraft is working on client optimization in larger fights that didn’t crop up in beta, broader world zone limits and queues, and getting players into battle much more quickly.

“We’re also in parallel working on our first major update, which will have hundreds of additional updates affecting powers, crafting, items, Eternal Kingdoms and all the other aspects of Crowfall, along with some new features. This update should go up on our Test server sometime next week. I want to take a moment to thank our customers who check out our new versions on the Test server and give us feedback, as it hugely improves the quality of the updates that are published to the Live servers. We will continue to have incentives (unique cosmetic items) for playing on Test at specific times for specific durations, watch for those promotions on social media and the forums.”

MOP’s own Fight or Kite columnist Sam Kash posted his take on the launch earlier this week, zeroing in on the perceived low population (a perception he doesn’t share) and his thoughts on the early game.


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