Crash Drive 3 is a driving game in which you can drive around and drive, crash cars, destroy roads, and destroy buildings, and all this while listening to awesome tunes courtesy of the in-game radio. And if you happen to destroy something, you can upgrade and customize new parts.

Crash Drive 3 is an addictive driving game with a few twists that can make it almost impossible to put down. The game’s primary control scheme is similar to that of “Mario Kart” and “Gran Turismo”. The player’s car is controlled via a steering wheel, along with a few other buttons on a keyboard. It’s easy to pick up, but difficult to master.


As you get older, games lose a certain charm. This doesn’t mean they get worse, but they may lose some of their magic. The way you play the game as a child is different from the way you play it as an adult. It’s more of an adventure than an achievement. But if you’re an adult looking for something, it doesn’t help that many games cost too much money. So it’s always hard to find a game that brings back that childlike enthusiasm.

This year’s Crash Drive 3 is the closest we’ve come so far. Developer M2H (who you may know from the World War II shooters Verdun and Tannenberg) has a game that isn’t afraid to be a little childish. It has toy cars, tricks and an interesting open world approach. But is this emotional reaction worth the price of admission? Let’s try and find out.

History/ Campaign

This movie is as plotless as it gets. They’re just there to drive the cars and have fun. Sometimes it happens in the desert, sometimes on the moon. It’s a silly sandbox, and it works very well. But this means that any story that comes out of the game comes from the systems, not the author. This is why multiplayer games are special. We all have a story about winning Fortnite or roleplaying in an MMO. But is Crash Drive 3 the kind of game you can get a good story out of? The kind you can tell your friends about on Discord? More or less. But before we can answer this question, we need to explain how the game works.



Take a ride in a Rocket League style car. Add some Tony Hawk points and tricks to the game, add an open world, and you have Crash Drive 3. It’s a fascinating way to develop a game, that’s clear from the start. It immediately reminds me of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 and its attempt at online multiplayer. In case you didn’t already know, THPS 5 used a lobby approach that allowed you to play game modes with friends or race with other players. His performance there was terrible. But don’t worry, Crash Drive 3 is much more entertaining in the way it uses similar ideas here.

Game mechanisms

Crash Drive 3 is a game for drivers, with simple mechanics used to good effect. Once you’re immersed in the game, you’ll get a brief driving tutorial and you can get started. Imagine the controls of Rocket League if they were a little more difficult. This also means that you can increase it. Add to that the scattered ramps and rings and it’s clear what needs to be done. This is where Tony Hawke’s metaphor comes in.

You get points for flips, spins, drifts, staying in the air and landing gracefully. This increases your combo multiplier, giving you more points for tricks and replenishing your energy. The choice of tricks is much more limited than in Tony Hawk, but it’s a good cycle that forces you to be stylish. Jumping through the rings in the levels is also reminiscent of the holes in Tony Hawk. One of the benefits of driving is that your car gets better as you drive. By accelerating, drifting and being as fast as possible, you increase these values until they reach their maximum. You can also pay to increase their number if you wish, and the maximum number of cars allows you to buy more. It’s a vicious circle in the best sense of the word.


When you travel around the world, things happen regularly. This is the real heart of the game. You have the basic elements, such as B. Race or reach the ring level for the other players. There are also more difficult ones, like Cops and Robbers or King of the Hill. If you are obsessed with Tony Hawk, here are some games to get the highest score or tag prop in the level. There is even a mode where a beach ball appears in the level and your goal is to hit it harder than the others. It’s full of variety, and if you don’t like one game type, there’s always the next one coming shortly after.

The strangest game mode, however, is probably tank combat, which can only be played in the tropics. This is what it looks like: They have a tank and shoot down players in the level. They don’t act like a tank, which makes them even better. The stupidity of a quick drift to push someone off the edge is as insane as it sounds. This is a game type that absolutely requires a large number of players. The maps in this game type are somewhat large, so all games with 3 or fewer players revolve more around hitting the opponent than shooting. However, these events occur too regularly. This may sound like a strange complaint, but it doesn’t give you time to catch your breath. You can ignore these events, but you will always feel like you are missing something.

In addition to the events, there are the challenges that occur every day. This includes winning certain races and performing stunts on certain cars. They come with a cash bonus, which means there are several ways to get that money. By completing tricks, stunts and challenges, you unlock money to buy cars, upgrades and cosmetics. This means that you will be rewarded whether you play with other players or alone. Again, it’s a vicious cycle and one of the reasons why Crash Drive 3 is so wonderfully entertaining.


The world is divided into five parts: The canyons, the tropics, the forest, the North Pole and the moon. Starting with the Canyons, you’ll unlock other sections once you’ve jumped more than 8 rings in a level and collected enough money to unlock another section. Since the players are mostly in the early levels, your hand gets stuck when you want to play with other players. There is a lot of variety in each level, although most are mainly this area and we have included some slopes in the levels. The best level is probably the forest, thanks to the hilly terrain and the central element, the castle. These levels are the perfect combination of big enough to be fun to explore, but short enough to not overwhelm you.

Crash Drive 3 describes itself as a playground, and that’s a good way to describe the game. The mechanism has a childlike approach. This is not an insult. It’s like being back at the break. You can have fun with all the participants in the event, or ignore them and just explore the level, looking for collectibles to unlock new vehicles. Just going down the slope and spinning around is a joy and it was nice to be distracted from the more mature people for a while. But an essential element of the change experience is missing: communication.

There’s a quick chat feature to congratulate someone, say hello, brag or ask them to follow you, but that’s it. Technically you can search for friends, that’s what a friends list is for. But because the game doesn’t give you the option to take a break, you don’t have the opportunity to get to know someone better. The experience is so rich that communication becomes unnecessary. I can understand why. The pursuit of such individual experiences makes them difficult to follow (compare the usual game lobby in the Xbox 360 era and now). But this means Crash Drive 3 is more a game to play with friends than a game to make friends.


In answer to our previous question: Can Crash Drive 3 give rise to stories like those found in other multiplayer games? Not really. It’s always very funny and goofy, but so goofy that you get used to it. Add to that a smaller player base (unless that changes in the future) and you’ll have a hard time telling your friends that you hit a beach ball better than 5 other guys. But the most important question is the length. In 2-4 hours you can see most of what Crash Drive 3 has to offer. Meanwhile, I’ve already unlocked 61% of the achievements without even trying. This makes the game easily repeatable. It’s always easy to get lost in the game, but it’s definitely a game that can exhaust you.

Once you complete all the levels, all you have to do is battle and unlock each vehicle. This is only possible if you are a real fan of completing the game, as you have to find all the collectibles in each level, unlock all the achievements and upgrade each car as much as possible to unlock it. It’s not impossible, but it will make the playground mentality disappear quickly. Yet the game is still fun. You can quickly see what Crash Drive 3 has to offer, but it’s easy to dive into the game briefly if you have the time. The whirlwind of rides, events and stunts is addictive and makes this game perfect for relaxing before bed or work. Whether there will be enough players to form a full community is another matter. With other players the game is a mess and I hope there will be more community here in the future. Otherwise, there is at least the option to play offline.



Crash Drive 3 is not an ugly game, but the visual delights are quite doable. It’s not the worst kind, but to stick with the playground metaphor: It’s like those fake, unbranded toys. That’s not to say you can’t have fun, but it doesn’t really have a visual identity. If you had told me that these models had just come out of the unit’s workshop, I probably would have believed you. However, there is one visual choice that can be confusing.

In all levels there are different objects you can hit with your car (you can even collide with an alien on the moon). In the first level, you have the ability to wield Indian totems. That’s an understatement: It’s really sticky in 2021. This is the kind of old-fashioned disrespect that causes more confusion than annoyance. For example, if you have come across crosses or Stars of David. Nothing else reaches this level of interconnection, and everything else does its job.

Audio and music

The sound design of Crash Drive 3 is perfectly suited to this. This is what the game should look like for drivers. The sound design is functional and never distracts from the action. The ticker sound that appears when you win money is a nice touch and definitely prepares you for the kind of game it is.

The game’s music, however, is surprisingly subdued. Songs are played during the events, and they are allegorical guitar riffs. They’re still good for in-game races, but they don’t help with the game’s replay problems. The best song will be played at the King of the Crown event, where a royal tune will be played for everyone wearing the crown. If you like to play games while listening to a podcast or a video essay on YouTube, this might be the best solution for you.



The AI in Crash Drive 3 is pretty much non-existent, except in one area: Tank fighting. They only appear when you play offline or when no one is on the server and you can tell it’s not a trick. It’s easy to fall into the trap of constantly having different tanks firing at you and becoming inorganic. Nevertheless, they are relatively easy to beat. In fact, they only make you long for the days when games with bots were in vogue.



Crash Drive 3 is a cross-platform game where you can play with people on their new X series or their rickety old phone. So it’s a game that should be functional for every player. It also means that it works well even on my aging computer. There were times when the game stuttered, but this had more to do with my internet connection than the game itself.

You have graphics options, but there’s not much difference between playing on Ultra and playing on Low, thanks to the already basic look of the game. Maybe you’ll see something I didn’t. In an age where the industry is obsessed with beautiful graphics, it’s nice to play a game that cares as little as possible about authenticity. If you don’t have the most powerful computer (we all know how hard it is to get good processors these days), Crash Drive 3 will work pretty well.



I have some degree of tendonitis, so certain mechanisms (like pressing keys) can make my hands worse. Thanks to the simple controls and gameplay of Crash Drive 3, I don’t have to suffer with this game. But, as with many games, the accessibility options are rather sparse. You can change control settings, turn off screen vibration and Bloom, but that’s about it. It is not yet known if other features, such as blindspot options or additional horns, will be added. It’s not the most obvious game you’ll find on the market, but it’s not the cheapest either.


Crash Drive 3 may not be sustainable due to its repetitive moments and limited speed, but it’s still a pretty fun game. It’s easy to get lost in one or two events, and there are lots of things to unlock. It’s not complicated, making it a good game for those who like the idea of cars more than the actual driving. It is the best kind of game for youngsters where you can just enjoy the concept of the game. While writing this review, I had moments where I kept playing when I should have finished the damn article. This is the kind of game where I would want such a short delay. It’s an irresistible pleasure, simple as that.


Won his first Beach Ball game against 7 other runners.


  • Shamelessly funny
  • Multi-platform
  • Many events and challenges
  • There is much to unlock
  • The tank fights are a highlight
  • Limited social opportunities
  • Repeated
  • You’ll see everything in a few hours.
  • Native totem poles are an awkward choice of prop.

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