Here’s word on the latest Alpha 3.15 build of Star Citizen, which sees its first public release, with a call for server meshing pilots to test out the new version and report any bugs they may find. The developers also remind everyone that the Alpha 3.15 will be the last to support the classic game mode, Squadron 42, which will be dropped from further testing as it moves to the Beta stage.

Star Citizen is an ambitious game, and that ambition may be showing in its development progress so far. While the game’s latest update adds a few new features, it also introduces a new way to play the game. The new 3.15 patch for the game’s alpha version, which is available to Star Citizen subscribers, provides a server-based installer. The patch allows players to install Star Citizen on the same machine where they play the game, allowing them to run the game from within the game. This is a big game with an ‘arcade’ style of play intended to be player-driven, and the ability to install the game on the same machine you play on should help smooth out the game’s performance.

Star Citizen’s Alpha 3.15, which features multiplayer server meshing code, has been making steady progress. With the help of the dedicated developers at Cloud Imperium Games, the code is now stable enough to be deployed in a test environment for the first time. This is a big step forward and has been a big focus for the team. As Chris Roberts explains in this week’s update, it is not possible to ship a totally stable product without some form of external server meshing, and the ability to test is vital for the game to move forward.

It should have been a five-minute video, notes creative producer Jared Huckabee in the background of the final minutes of the latest Star Citizen video. But because the video features Chris Roberts, a man who by his own admission isn’t particularly good at giving short answers, fans of the game got to see the CIG boss talk about the game’s progress for nearly 30 minutes.

In essence, the video can be divided into three main parts. The first part is about the progress of the server grid, with Roberts pointing out that a total of 20 engineers are working on the subject. Roberts hopes to have the server consolidation completed by the end of the year, noting that the work on server consolidation will be a common good for Star Citizen as multiple servers will handle different parts of the game world rather than a single server handling most of the load, resulting in a smoother gaming experience for everyone.

As for more immediate updates, Roberts hopes to have Alpha 3.14 available by the end of July, and he talks about Alpha 3.15 features that will include more involved death and respawn mechanics, hospital capabilities, and a personal inventory. Digital CitizenCon 2021 will follow in October. By the end of the year, the ICG was back in its physical offices and Roberts and his family moved from California to Manchester, UK, to complete work on Squadron 42.

Finally, Roberts took a few minutes to talk about a feature he helped develop that gives players’ avatars more specific geometry based on the gear they wear. Currently, player geometry is based on their skeletons, but the new feature will focus on skin geometry that takes into account the size and shape of helmets and armor, creating a more realistic mesh for draping clothing and hair and more predictable hits when firing FPS weapons.


Source: YouTube, thanks RonC for the tip!

Longtime MMORPG fans know that the game Star Citizen originally launched on Kickstarter in 2012 with over $2 million, with a planned launch in 2014. As of 2021, the game is still in its unfinished but playable alpha phase, and has raised about $350 million from players over the years through ongoing crowdfunding and the sale of ships and other game assets. It is currently the best-funded video game in history and has endured both the tireless dedication of its proponents and the enormous skepticism of its detractors. The jointly developed single player game Squadron 42has also been delayed several times.

ViewIt’s been a while since my last update, but I’m back and I have some exciting news to share. Star Citizen Alpha 3.15 was released last Friday and was a big success for us. After all the server issues have been sorted out, we’re now able to focus on the game itself. Star Marine is coming along nicely, and we’ve completed most of the initial server meshes for the FPS mode. Now we’re working on adding more guns, more guns, and more guns. The new pistols are the most exciting addition so far, and we’re also adding a few new weapons to the existing lineup.. Read more about star citizen game and let us know what you think.

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