You want to be a better warrior? A better hero? You want to be the best? As in, the best in the whole wide world? Do you like playing Chivalry 2, but can’t decide which class to choose? Have you been looking for that perfect class to play, that one that will make you the best? Here it is, the first of its kind in Chivalry 2, the Archers, Vanguards, Footmen, and Knights.

Chivalry 2 is far from finished, and has been in development for over two years now, but if you’re a fan of the original you may have noticed that there aren’t enough classes in the game. To help fill in the gaps, we’ve created this guide to show off each class and demonstrate their unique skills.

Chivalry 2 is a medieval combat game developed by Warhorse Studios and it has been a hit among strategy and RPG fans. The game offers a tour de force for those who relish the good old days of medieval combat and the strategy and tactics of the Middle Ages. It comprises of a number of features, such as medieval combat, role-playing, multiplayer and more.

word-image-3980 There are four classes in Chivalry 2 that specialize in assassinations, but don’t go into battle thinking they’re all the same. In fact, they all prefer a different play style and have access to their own weapons and abilities depending on the subclass you choose. Make no mistake, the battles in Chivalry 2 for 64 players can get pretty chaotic, and in your quest for victory there’s a lot waiting to happen. But it only takes a little practice (and the help of this guide) to learn to distinguish archers from foot soldiers, even when both are throwing chickens at you. Read on to learn more about each class, subclass and their properties in Chivalry 2. word-image-3981 word-image-3982 Chivalry 2’s four classes are seen as broad categories that encompass a general play style, while their sub-classes specialize in specific niches of that play style. Each class has a total of three subclasses to choose from. Unfortunately, only one is unlocked from the start, the other two become available after you’ve sufficiently boosted your parent class (levels 4 and 7 respectively). You rise in a class by playing with it during matches, which, in addition to the aforementioned sub-classes, also unlocks new weapons to use in battles. If nothing has changed from the beta, you’ll have to draft each subclass separately if you want to unlock everything.


It’s a class if you want to largely leave the melee battles to be what they are and shoot your enemies from afar with arrows, bolts and spears. Has some skills, but they should only be used as a last resort. Depending on the subclass you choose, you can target enemies and use a firebox to ignite arrows, a banner to heal allies, or an arrow quiver to reload ammo.

  • Health: 90
  • Travel speed : 100
  • Stamina: 50
  • Subclasses : Crossbowman, Crossbowman, Sharpshooter


A damage specialist with a penchant for large weapons and the ability to perform jump attacks in combat. You can also throw pots of oil to create fire pits on the ground that damage enemies and allies, a pipe that heals allies, and an arrow quiver to refill ammo.

  • Health: 130
  • Travel speed : 120
  • Stamina: 100
  • Subclasses : Devastator, Raider, Ambush.


The support class that comes closest in Chivalry 2, but is capable of excelling in different situations. Equipped with bandages that allow him to heal his allies quite effectively, but he can also attack enemies and roll them to the ground. Subclass skills include sprinting, laying barbed wire traps and building barricades.

  • Health: 150
  • Travel speed : 100
  • Stamina: 80
  • Subclasses : A man in the field, a man with a gun, a field engineer.

– knight

A resilient fighter with a penchant for both offense and defense. Can attack opponents by knocking them to the ground. Subclass skills include a trumpet that heals allies, a banner with the same effect, and a thrown pot of oil that sets land on fire.

  • Health: 175
  • Travel speed : 80
  • Stamina: 80
  • Subclasses : A man in the field, a man with a gun, a field engineer.

Unlocking all of Chivalry 2’s subclasses may seem like a daunting task at first, but it’s worth persevering. You never know which one you’ll like best. For more on the medieval first-person slasher, read our guides on failed matchmaking and server status. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord.In this post: Chivalry classic classes, Chivalry 2 classes, Chivalry 2 Classes Sword, Chivalry 2 Classes Spear, Chivalry 2 Classes Axe and Chivalry 2 Classes Shield.. Read more about chivalry 2 subclasses and let us know what you think.

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