Book of Travels is a storytelling RPG that takes inspiration from classics like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII . In the game, you star as a hero who travels between different worlds using a magical book. To enter a new world, you’ll need to solve puzzles, talk to NPCs, and take down monsters.

Book of Travels is an indie game that has been in development for close to five years now. The game’s original release date was set for the beginning of 2018, but has now been pushed to an ungodly date. The game’s developers have said that the impending bugs are the “unholy trio” of bugs that are causing the game to delay. Luckily, these bugs will be squashed before the game’s release. Book of Travels is a game about exploration, discovery, and adventure, with unique gameplay mechanics. The game is currently available on Steam Early Access, so check it out if you’re interested.


When Book of Travels saw its early access release date pushed back a fourth time to date, there was perhaps some concern about just what is happening. Developer Might & Delight has thankfully provided some honest context, and it turns out to be a good thing there was a delay, all things considered: The game was experiencing what the devs called an “unholy trio” of bugs.

Severe rubberbanding led player characters to hurl themselves back to where they began after clicking to go ahead, spawning problems such as monsters appearing in tea shops and woodland animals spawning in inhabited towns, and NPCs becoming invisible at random.

Fortunately, the developers are close to resolving all three of these issues, according to the article, and the extra time before early access release will allow the team to add additional zones to the game’s early access version. In addition, the article states that a new early access date will be revealed shortly, and that “it’s not as far off as some [players] have been speculating.” Of course, the challenge is for the development team to actually meet that deadline, but at least with this current delay, we know there were three very excellent reasons for it.


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