Blade & Soul’s Unchained Chaos is live with new dungeon and Gunslinger’s third spec. The team at Tencent has some interesting changes for the coming year, including a revamped Raid system.

The “blade 2022” is a new dungeon in Blade & Soul’s Unchained Chaos. The Gunslinger’s third spec, which is the first to be released, was also revealed today.

Blade & Soul’s Unchained Chaos is live with new dungeon and Gunslinger’s third spec


Blade & Soul players have a lot to take in this week as Unchained Chaos is now live for the NCsoft MMORPG. The crown jewel for this update is of course the third spec for the Gunslinger, dubbed Way of the Arsenal, which “uses a high-tech wrist launcher to summon holographic guns to hail destruction down on your enemies, specializing in being able to quickly switch between close- and long-range engagements.”

But there’s more to the patch than that, including paid class change packs, the Dropscotch Games Event, which sends players to their deaths for fun and rewards, and the Chaos Supply Chain dungeon, which is presumably also the final exam for an economics class in hell.

“The newest Demonsbane dungeon transports up to four players to the heart of the Blackram pirates in order to prevent a violent outbreak among the Blackram’s marauders. With up to 20 levels to unlock, finishing it swiftly and effectively will give you gifts and dungeon XP.”

On the official forums, NCsoft has a running list of major patches and known bugs.

The servers have been brought back up!

Discover the new Demonsbane dungeon (Poharan), the Class Change system, and the Dropscotch Games for the Gunslinger 3rd Specialization (Way of the Arsenal).

Plus Treasure Trove and the Daring Dash just started! #BladeAndSoul #BnS

— Blade & Soul (@bladeandsoul) March 16, 2022


The “blade movie” is a new dungeon in Blade & Soul’s Unchained Chaos, which also includes Gunslinger’s third spec.

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