Yes, this is a thing. A new expansion is coming and we’ve calculated the best professions in WoW: Shadowlands Ranked Least to Most Useful (2021).

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WoW’s Shadowlands is the third expansion to the MMORPG World of Warcraft, and it has been a long time since we’ve seen a new expansion. The Shadowlands expansion begins with a bang and introduces a whole slew of new content and features: a new continent, a new dungeon, and a new raid. The continent of Shadowmoon is full of new cities and towns and, we hope, we’ll see you there.

There is really no rest for the wicked. Even in the Shadowlands, we find ourselves toiling hard at our crafts in order to produce things that aid us in the reanimation of the dead (again). We’ll be rating the top professions in WoW: Shadowlands after realizing that we can’t escape labor even in death.

Our rankings will be based on how much you can get out of a career, what opportunities it provides, and how lucrative it may be.

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We’ll also separate the crafting and collecting professions, since the former is no longer effective for anything other than providing raw materials. Furthermore, we shall skip over fishing and cooking since these are side hobbies rather than major vocations that any character may learn.

So, let’s get started with World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ finest vocations.

The Top 3 Gathering Professions

You’ll like one of these three collecting occupations if you’re an adventurer who enjoys spending time studying the area. The three options below are listed in order of worst to greatest.

#3 Mining

Mining has to be at the bottom of our list of the top collecting professions in WoW since it provides ores for blacksmiths, engineers, and jewelcrafters to work with. The three crafting professions listed are either uninteresting or don’t require a large amount of ore, implying a low demand for reagents.

Mining Blizzard photo courtesy of HGG

Furthermore, accessing ore nodes usually necessitates going out of your way to locate spawn clusters/locations, since only a few areas of each zone are densely populated with nodes. Furthermore, you must do research to determine which zone-specific ores are currently selling on your server.

Skinning No. 2

With only leatherworkers need your enemies’ skinned skins, it’s a little surprising that Skinning is ranked higher than Mining. Leatherworking, on the other hand, produces several very important consumables that are always in demand, thus the leather you get through Skinning will actually sell.

Skinning Blizzard photo courtesy of HGG

Plus, farming leather is as simple as taking a well-geared toon to a location with fast-respawning skinnable monsters and AoE farming them. The Shardhide Den, west of Korthia’s main stronghold, is a particularly excellent location.

Herbalism is number one.

Herbalism is the greatest collecting profession in World of Warcraft, with alchemists and inscriptionists constantly burning through plants to supply players with strong and handy consumables.

Herbalism Blizzard photo courtesy of HGG

Herb nodes may be found all throughout the region, and each zone has its own distinct herb. Simply stopping at different places along the way will give you with lots of chances to gather herbs. Druids, most notably, may collect herbs when in Travel Form. You may easily hover out of hostile mobs’ range while collecting the herb, saving time by without needing to ride.

You may simply sell any herb you gather and earn handsomely, so go ahead and pick flowers to your heart’s delight!

The Top 8 Crafting Professions

The crafting professions are ranked from worst to greatest in the table below.

#8 Jewelry-making

Unfortunately, the Shadowlands’ dead don’t appear to value the exquisite art of jewelcrafting all that much. Which explains why there are just a few recipes that are really useful. 

While jewelcrafters’ stat gems are in great demand as players acquire more and more gem sockets, the profession offers relatively little variety. The only gems that get any market activity are the usual +16 to one of the secondary stats gems. The stat gems’ costs have dropped as a result of how easy it is to acquire the basic stones that are fashioned into useful goods.

Jewelcrafting Blizzard photo courtesy of HGG

The issue is exacerbated by the fact that no new gem recipes have been released since the release of Shadowlands. There’s nothing BoP or especially intriguing that jewelcrafters can create this expansion apart from the basic item for legendary rings and necklaces, eliminating any distinctive value the profession might offer.

Unfortunately, when you include the profession’s legendaries, the situation becomes much worse. Getting the materials to level up legendary crafting is very wasteful in terms of cost (perhaps the most inefficient of all crafting professions), since you’re searching for particular essences that are acquired through RNG while prospecting ore.

By producing stat jewels, jewelcrafting offers a valuable service to gamers, but there are already so many jewelcrafters on the market that it’s not worth it. Simply purchase a particular gem or legendary ring/neck from the auction house if you need it. For the time being, Jewelcrafting will have to be relegated to the bottom of our list of the greatest professions in World of Warcraft.

Blacksmithing (#7)

Blacksmithing should be higher on the list, since it can typically provide armor for all three plate classes in the game, as well as weapons for everyone. Unfortunately, the majority of the armor and weaponry available in this update are only intended to be used as low-tier catch-up gear.

While you can theoretically adjust the iLvL of the piece of gear you’re making with a Crafter’s Mark, your item’s iLvL will most likely outscale anything you could make by the time you have the recipe. You can’t even alter the stats of any manufactured weapon using missives, which is annoying if you’re thinking about creating one.

Blacksmithing Blizzard photo courtesy of HGG

Thankfully, Blacksmithing allows you to make sharpening stones to temporarily increase the attack strength of your weapon. Unfortunately, because of their greater effects, most individuals will be utilizing weapon oils from Alchemy instead. Unfortunately, you can’t stack sharpening stones and weapon oils.

It is not worth the time and money to increase your legendary crafting level to a significant degree if you are just getting started, as it is with all other professions capable of manufacturing legendaries. Simply purchase a plate legendary foundation piece if you need one. 

Blacksmithing has greater material costs than most other professions since it requires zone-specific ore that can only be obtained in particular places. Because of these circumstances, the cost of ore will rise, making the profession more costly, despite the little benefit Blacksmithing offers.

Unfortunately, Blacksmiths cannot produce any unique BoP items in this expansion, making the profession even less valuable. There’s a chance that Blizzard may introduce a new useful weapon recipe in future updates, restoring the profession’s relevance.

Tailoring (#6)

Tailoring, being one of the main three armor-crafting professions, has many of the same issues as Blacksmithing. The only significant difference is that the materials are much more accessible, since almost everyone may acquire cloth by killing and looting humanoid creatures.

Tailoring Blizzard photo courtesy of HGG

Tailoring is perhaps the only crafting profession where you may level your legendary crafting due to the abundance of textile reagents. On most servers’ auction houses, cloth is selling for record low rates, and legendary cloaks are in great demand since players don’t want their legendary to overlap with a slot that might be used to equip a dominance socket from the raid.

Tailors may also make 32-slot purses at a reasonable price. There is always a need for bag space since every player requires it, up to 12 per toon if bank spaces are included. It’s also reasonable to suppose that future updates will include a recipe for an even bigger bag, giving Tailoring something more to look forward to.

Inscription #5

Inscription is in the center of the pack when it comes to the greatest professions in World of Warcraft. Inscription acquired the ability to produce stat missives, which may infuse crafted pieces of gear with particular stats, after losing the ability to generate buff scrolls to augment parties lacking certain classes. 

Inscription Blizzard photo courtesy of HGG

Inscriptionists have made a fortune off the system, which requires two distinct stat missives for each legendary piece of gear. Furthermore, some players have started using Korthia to construct their unique-equipped 230 iLvL piece of gear, implying that missives have lately become more popular.

Inscription also allows players to create tomes that allow them to switch their skills on the fly when outside of rested regions. This is very useful for raiders who need to change their skills for each boss battle, and it guarantees that inscriptionists have plenty of work. In addition, once a week, Vantus runes may be crafted to provide players a versatility boost versus a particular raid monster. Expect them to be in high demand as long as your server has advancement raid teams.

#4 Fascinating

Enchanting is the odd one out, since it is one of the few professions that has grown in importance since the last expansion. Enchanters now have a lot more work than before, because to the increased number of gear slots that can accept enchantments.

Enchanters offer strong augments that any player who wants to be remotely competitive and advance in content will seek out. It’s fairly unusual for someone to get a new piece of equipment and then inquire whether anybody in the party is an enchanter. Enchanting is always in great demand and may be used at any point in the game.

Enchanting Blizzard photo courtesy of HGG

Since the beginning of Shadowlands, Blizzard has not published any new recipes. While this isn’t necessarily a negative thing, considering that players’ gear is continually being replaced, necessitating fresh enchants, it does imply that the supply of Enchanting reagents is outpacing the pace of use. Disenchanting gear into reagents is often more expensive than just selling the gear piece. Enchants are selling for less and less on the auction house since every enchanter has an excess of reagents and is looking for customers.

Expect to utilize Enchanting mainly for personal usage and guild members if you want to take it up. It’s great to be able to transmit enchants to any of your toons at will and to have a guild bank full of helpful enchants.

#3 Working with Leather

Leatherworking, the final of the armor-crafting vocations, has the same problems as Tailoring and Blacksmithing. Its worth, however, is not in the ability to manufacture armor, but in the two utility items it grants access to.

Drums of Deathly Ferocity provide parties access to a lesser version of Heroism/Bloodlust for individuals who don’t have the necessary classes. The drums are in great demand for individuals who are unwilling or unable to locate a class capable of clearing material due to the difference it makes.

Leatherworking Blizzard photo courtesy of HGG

The Heavy Desolate Armor Kit, on the other hand, is much more essential. Any player that slaps this item on their chest piece gets a 2-hour stamina boost. Because it does not override an enchant slot, any player wanting to advance through progression content will desire it for the added survivability. These are a huge moneymaker and are always in high demand on all servers. It also has a handy leather sink to keep reagents from spilling on a server.

When all of these variables are considered, Leatherworking is the finest armor-crafting profession in World of Warcraft.

Engineering is number two.

The one job in the game with the most unique and BoP advantages. Engineering offers a variety of interesting tools that give damage, convenience, and usefulness, while other professions are sorely lacking in distinctive advantages. 

Engineering Blizzard photo courtesy of HGG

With three different explosives at your disposal, you have a few options for doing an additional 3k damage to your opponents every five minutes. You may also travel about the Shadowlands more rapidly by building and using wormholes. Plus, in Oribos, you get access to a one-of-a-kind Engineering-only auction house! In addition, you may employ specific belt enchants to get helpful abilities like invisibility or a reflection shield.

You may also make one of the finest enchants for ranged weapons for hunters, as well as a unique companion pet based on the Kyrian phalynxes. Unfortunately, those two products will be the only ones you can sell, since the rest of Engineering’s crafts need players to be engineers themselves.

Engineering is one of the finest professions in Shadowlands if you want to extract every last bit of damage and usefulness out of it.

Alchemy is number one.

Finally, we’ve arrived at the top of our list of the greatest professions in World of Warcraft. Alchemy is at the top because of the vast variety of valuable commodities it may create. Alchemists’ numerous flasks, potions, and oils are always in demand, and they are devoured at a breakneck speed.

Alchemy Blizzard photo courtesy of HGG

Many advancement groups want their members to use as many potions as possible in every encounter attempt since the difference that popping a potion can make in a heated battle may be startling. It’s also a given to have a flask running, since the sheer stat boost it gives is comparable to equipping another piece of equipment. Weapon oils are another no-brainer, since they offer continuous additional benefits while fighting and may be amplified even more by taking potions during burn periods.

You may be certain that you’ll be able to earn a profit because of how fast gamers burn through Alchemy consumables. Even more so if you put in the effort to earn enough reputation to buy the formula for Shadestones, a reagent required to create flask cauldrons that has a one-week cooldown.

Alchemy is the greatest profession in WoW right now since you’ll constantly earn something useful.

Be a part of the High Ground

That concludes our four-part list of the greatest professions in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Subscribe and leave a comment below if you have any opinions about our list. Maintain your competitive edge with the newest articles and tips from High Ground Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best profession in Shadowlands?

The best profession in Shadowlands is the Rogue. Rogues are able to use stealth and agility to take down enemies without being seen.

Do professions matter in Shadowlands?

Yes, professions matter in Shadowlands.

How many professions can you have in Shadowlands?

There are currently six professions in Shadowlands.

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