As a new year approaches, many of us are already drafting our warframe builds for the future. This is a list of the best arcanes and frames that we have seen used in PvP and PvE.

Warframe is a great game, as many of you know. However, it can sometimes be very hard to find good builds, especially when you’re completely new to the game. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the best Argonak builds for every situation. There are builds for every level of play, and I’ve included a list of things that you should always buy when you’re starting out.

Warframe is one of the best multiplayer games out there. The game is free to play so there is absolutely no risk to try out this game. The game is very unique in that it has everything you want in a multiplayer game and yet it is still a very popular game with over 100 million active players. There are several ways to achieve success in Warframe.

The Argonac is an assault rifle designed by Griner and now in use by you, Tenno. The cannon has the special ability to illuminate enemies from a distance, greatly improving their visibility, especially in dark environments. You can also switch from semi-automatic to automatic, which gives you the option to shoot accurately or use the good old spray and pray method. Automatic mode, while impressive with higher rate of fire and greater odds of status, also sacrifices critical odds for these settings. However, the semi-automatic mode has a pretty good combination of status opportunities and critical opportunities, so creating a hybrid mode seems like the right choice. Purchasing a weapon model can be as simple or more complicated, depending on how advanced your clan is in research. The plan should be reviewed in the chemistry lab once Greenlocks research is completed. Since you will also need a mold to make the Argonac, it will probably be difficult to get a mold at the beginning of the game – and not recommended.

  • Major damage caused by oblique impacts
  • Very high base damage
  • Possibility of high status
  • High critical hit and chance of damage (semi-automatic)
  • Emphasizes opponents when aiming
  • Special amalgam Argonak metal drill mod
  • Slow reload speed
  • Low puncture damage
  • Low critical and damage probability (automatic fire)

Dear Argos

It’s important to note that the Argonac has two different shooting modes, which not only affect how you play with the weapon, but also how you will (or rather, should) adjust it. If you prefer semi-automatic mode, you can play with a higher chance of critical hits, but you’ll also have to adjust to a slower attack speed. But if you play in full auto mode, you don’t get the bonus for high critical chance, so using mods that increase critical chance or damage isn’t worth the mod lock. As a general rule, you should choose and use the automatic mode if you want to fight large groups of enemies at once, while the semi-automatic mode is very strong against single-target enemies – such as deadly targets, grappling hooks or the like. You can also play whatever you prefer, because in the end it’s always a matter of personal preference.

Semi-automatic Argonak Construction

Semi Auto Argonak Build word-image-15135 word-image-15136 This build takes advantage of the high state chance and high critical chance you get when you choose to play in semi-auto mode: Playing as a hybrid also means you don’t have a lot of leeway. You already want to use Serration and Split Chamber on (almost) every weapon in the game. Point Strike and Vital Sense are the minimum requirements for any critical damage build, and you really need to use both mods +60% status chance to get the most status chance out of your build. So you only have two extra slots for mods, and the addition of the vigilante weaponry for more multi-shot combined with a very good damage increase due to the heavy caliber seems like the right decision. You’ll have no problem lowering the accuracy, so the extra damage is great. If you prefer to use another mod, replace it with Armed Vigilante, which is the weakest mod in this build and can easily be replaced with another. In particular, an argon sight and/or blade ammo might be what you’re looking for.

Auto Argonak Build

Automatic operation Argonak Build word-image-15137 word-image-15138 This construction is suitable for fully automatic display. So make sure you put your gun in the right position and start shooting bullets. The idea here is to completely ignore the critical probability (which is quite low) and bet on the status probability. With two +60% status chance mods, you can increase your weapon chance to 89.5%, which is more than enough. Increase damage by using two elemental mods (generally, you want to choose the same elemental damage as used for the +60% chance state mods). Choose mods like Crash Course and Fanged Fusillade in case you prefer puncture and/or impact damage – for example B. if you plan to take Argonak to fight with Profit-Taker Orb. Even using Primed Fast Hands (or the normal version) wouldn’t be the worst option, as the charging time is quite long. Again, the disadvantage of using a heavy caliber is not very noticeable, and the increase in damage is very noticeable.


The Argonac is a decent rifle with good damage. It won’t get you to the end of the game, and especially enemies with high armor can give you problems, but until you start fighting level 85+ enemies, you should have no problem killing anything that moves. If you are already in a clan and have done some research, we recommend making a weapon, putting some forma into it and trying it out. If you think we missed any important information, or if you’d like to share your own project, feel free to leave a comment!This is a blog dedicated to personal blog posts about Warframe builds, gear, weapons and tips. Check out my previous posts if you want to see the evolution of my builds.. Read more about kuva argonak and let us know what you think.

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