A Review of the game Babylon’s Fall for iOS Devices, a top down action RPG set in a dark world where magic has been forgotten. This review will cover the pros and cons of this entertaining mobile title.

The “babylon’s fall release date” is the upcoming game from Bethesda Softworks. The game will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 4th. It has been rated M for mature by the ESRB.,

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My experience with Babylon’s Fall was unusual. I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a game so much before falling in love with it. The experience’s satisfaction-driven nature is worthwhile, but the gradual burn isn’t for everyone.

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With the release of Babylon’s Fall, Square Enix seeks to profit on the games as a service concept once again after faltering with Marvel’s Avengers. This time, though, they are relying on Platinum Games’ experience and competence. The apparent advantages of bringing the studios’ renowned, fast-paced fighting into a live service paradigm are evident, but like with Marvel’s Avengers, those benefits don’t always materialize for the gamers.

Babylon’s Autumn Report


No time is spent before Babylon’s Fall slams its Battle Pass down the players’ throats — it’s free for the first season, but thereafter it’s a premium item. However, this is where many of the game’s flaws lie: its only purpose is to keep you playing for as long as humanly feasible. Unfortunately, this becomes brutally clear as you claw and scrape your way through Power Level upgrades without truly progressing – until you do, and then something rather unexpected occurs.

Let’s take a look at the fantastic before we get into the good and terrible of Babylon’s fall. The narrative is wonderful, almost unbelievable. It has a lot of unexpected twists and turns. It’s dark, powerful, and would make a wonderful primary story in a conventional RPG if the games weren’t slapped on as an afterthought. The player assumes the character of a Sentinel, a battlefield prisoner who has been subjected to the Gideon Coffin. This parasitic-like gadget kills the majority of individuals it infects, but those it doesn’t bestow amazing abilities on.

Sentinels are entrusted with scouring the huge Ziggurat, Babylon’s Tower, seeking riches and artifacts from the past. The tale evolves into a more serious storyline that ranks among Platinum Games’ greatest efforts in terms of storytelling.


Platinum Games’ adrenaline-fueled, real-time fighting skill is evident in Babylon’s Fall, which has been carried over from previous releases. With a track record that includes NieR: Automata, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Bayonetta, it’s safe to say that expectations are high when it comes to offering an engaging fighting experience. Babylon’s Fall follows through on its promises in terms of fighting.

Each player, known as a Sentinel, has the ability to equip up to four different weapons. You have two primary weapons that you can use to combine light and heavy strikes, as well as two spiritual-like weapons that you can use when you have enough Spirit energy, which you get via striking and launching combo attacks on adversaries. Sword, Hammer, Bow, Rod, and Shield are the five different weapon kinds. Each one has its unique set of assaults as well as a different learning curve.

You may specialize with a single weapon, launching sword after sword strike while swiftly accumulating Spirit energy to unleash an endless barrage of powerful strikes. Alternately, you may change things up. Close the gap between you and your adversaries with strong Hammer assaults before withdrawing to a safe distance and launching a volley of arrows at them from afar. It’s an exciting battle system, but not everyone will like it.


The progression in Babylon’s Fall is gradual, but once you get there, it’s very satisfying. Depending on whether you’re playing in a group or doing it alone, you’ll spend the first 10-20 hours just putting on any equipment that boosts your stats. When you get to the latter levels of the game, and ultimately end-game, though, the customization choices for each construct explode with possibility. The game is still very much a grind, much like Destiny or The Division. Babylon’s Fall is a must-have if that type of grind appeals to you, but it’s a tough sell if it doesn’t.

I felt like my Sentinel lacked personality and originality for the first 15 hours of the game, attempting to find purpose among a bunch of essentially similar individuals flinging about various weapons. Then, nearly simultaneously in the same 30 minute span, you gain additional choices that drastically transform the fight. It’s a strange situation. I’d go so far as to say that when the first “wow” of battle subsided, the first half of the game almost boring me to death, but now I can’t put the controller down. While I’m really enjoying the battle at this stage, I’m still not a fan of the advancement.

The whole game revolves on the Power Level of your Sentinel. Each item you acquire includes a set of stats as well as a Power Level, which measures your character’s total strength. It’s a technique that’s all too common in games that try to create the sense of progress when none exists, but it has a lot of attraction for a lot of gamers. If you prefer slogging through battle in the hopes of gaining a few more Power Level points, Babylon’s Fall is for you.


There are lots of grind-focused upgrades and enhancements you can make towards the conclusion of the game for those with the patience to get through the game’s dreary beginning, and if taking down bosses tickles your fancy, here is the place to be.

While many of the mechanics are identical, the boss design is unparalleled. Each combat is furious and difficult; whether flying single or in a group, you’ll be avoiding bullets and leaping over large stomping assaults like in an MMO. It’s a mash-up of the greatest boss mechanics from all around the gaming world, and it truly helps to relieve some of the tedium of an otherwise monotonous gameplay cycle.


Babylon’s Fall is not for the faint of heart. Much of the plot consists of merely following enemy hallways until you reach the final boss area. It’s tedious and repetitive, with the only saving grace being the prospect of a new plot being revealed at the conclusion of each task. The game, however, really flourishes until you access the end-game features, such as Skirmishes. While the dull hallway to boss formula remains, Skirmishes provides significantly higher difficulties and rewards, combining with a more open-ended fighting system to provide a game worthy of Platinum Games’ previous efforts. It’s tremendously rewarding to eventually get there, but for others, the wait may be too lengthy. Later in the game, you unlock Sieges that are much more diverse and interesting, as well as the option to swap up weapon attack kinds. Babylon’s Fall is a game that does not begin until it is completed.

My experience with Babylon’s Fall was unusual. I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a game so much before falling in love with it. The experience’s satisfaction-driven nature is worthwhile, but the gradual burn isn’t for everyone.

This Babylon’s Autumn Report was done on the PlayStation 5. A digital code was provided by the publisher, but a digital version was purchased and used for the duration of this review.


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With the release of Babylon’s Fall, Square Enix seeks to profit on the games as a service concept once again after faltering with Marvel’s Avengers. This time, though, they are relying on Platinum Games’ experience and competence.


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Babylon’s Fall is a game that is being released on September 25, 2017. The game has been getting mixed reviews from critics and gamers alike. It has a Metacritic score of 62/100. Reference: babylon’s fall metacritic.

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