Of all the games in the Atelier series, it is the latest (Atelier Firis DX) that most closely resembles the original line-up. This latest entry marks the first time a Firis game has been released on a portable platform, and it does a good job of faithfully representing the series’ themes.

While there’s almost no chance you’ve never heard of Atelier Firis DX, it’s probably because you’re a newcomer to the world of Japanese gaming. This JRPG from developer Gust is a spinoff of Atelier Rorona, with a few twists, including a new lead character, but the basic gameplay remains the same.

There’s no doubt the Atelier series is a great series of JRPGs and the latest entry in the series, the Firis DX, is really good. It’s a return to the style of the previous games in the series, with fast action combat, and a story that wraps up nicely for those who have been following the series from the beginning.. Read more about atelier firis review and let us know what you think.

Phiris Studio : The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey DX is a big step forward that Gust promised with the Mysterious trilogy but failed to deliver with Sophie. It’s an open world game – in a way – that makes Phiris’ journey a great adventure. This is perhaps one of the most realistic storylines in the series, even if there is some slack in character development. One of the best things about Atelier Firis is that it makes you feel like you’re on an epic adventure, even if it works too well at first.

Firis DX Workshop: Press review: Back to

word-image-14895 Phiris Mistloud lives in the town of Ertona. It is a small mountain like many others, the only difference being that it is underground and sealed behind a huge door. The reason is a bit lame – monsters swarm outside, while other cities have nothing to fear – but you get the idea. Our protagonist is sheltered, but eager to get out and explore the world. By the end of the book, you don’t want to see Ertona again. Fortunately, the opening is the only part that drags in Atelier Firis, and the cameos in Atelier Sophie help to alleviate some of the boredom. Firis is not really an open world. The huge areas are still divided into segments that you must navigate between via multiple loading screens. However, you are free to go anywhere on the map. The first goal is to get three recommendations from experienced alchemists so Firis can take the certification exam and become an officially recognized alchemist. You got a year’s worth of playing time for that. How you spend your time and where you go is completely up to you, as long as you meet this main requirement. The freedom and open structure do wonders for a series that is usually quite limited in scope. word-image-14896 The idea-point system of Sophie returns, but the task of doing different things to learn recipes works much better in the Firis’ structure. Each area has a number of Firis-related quests that appear throughout the game, from collecting certain items to defeating monsters. There are also random NPC travelers with requests, as well as potential party members you’ll meet more often (more on that later). You’ll learn more recipes in less time than in Sophie , because no matter what you do, no matter where you are, there are so many things to do that count towards your new recipes. Unlike Ryza and almost every other game Atelier , you will also not be reduced to the next goal. Of course, the things you do are not new to Workshop. Collecting, synthesizing and fighting against cute but deadly creatures is the essence of the game Atelier. Depending on how fresh the new structure feels, it will vary. However, the time limit and collection point system are back and limit what you can do in a day, so you still have an incentive to keep trying or to plan your tasks efficiently. The design of the environment is an improvement over Sophie, although it is difficult to return to a sterile environment after Ryza. However, the DX version has removed the terrible frame rate of the original, making the game more enjoyable, at least in terms of performance. word-image-14897 Initially Firis travels with her older sister Liana, but you’ll meet several new companions along the way. They all have wishes to fulfill to expand their alchemical repertoire. They also have full quests that you can complete after joining them, and just like in some previous Atelier games, you get different endings depending on who you spent the most time with. The time limit disappears once Firis passes the ordeal, and you’re free to complete quests, defeat optional bosses, and reach any endings that might pique your curiosity. That is, Phyris’ characters are not ….. awesome. The same can be said of many characters in Workshop , although there is usually a central element of the character that evokes sympathy or affection. In Firis, these are just models that speak in words, so to speak. I don’t want to say that the characters and dialogue come across as sloppy, but even the interaction between Liana and Firis is less in depth than you would expect from Atelier. Thanks, Liana. We get it. You think Phiris is beautiful. Either way, it’s nice to see the return of some endings, even if the result isn’t as satisfying as we would have liked. Seeing Phiris grow in self-confidence and as a person makes up for the superficial interactions. word-image-14898 The battles in Firis are essentially the same as in Sophie, but without the emphasis on offensive and defensive roles. You organize your group into formations to maximize damage and protect weaker members, then unlock special abilities when the bar is full. This time the skills of the party members have more interesting effects, like for example slowing down your opponent’s move or imposing zeteffects. However, this is certainly not a strong point of Firisand remains far from the trilogy Dusk fight . The craft is a different story. Sophie presents a Tetris-like synthesis system in which each element occupies a specific number and arrangement of cells on a grid. TheFiris even goes a step further by adding a catalytic converter system. Most recipes can be improved by using different objects as catalysts that change the position and elements of the bonus gridlines. This has a significant impact on how the merge is planned and which elements are used, especially since the elements themselves vary more according to the shape of the grid. For example, different qualities of the same object sometimes differ greatly in the form they take. It’s one of the best crafting experiences in the series – or would be if Lydia & Suelle didn’t exist – but you’ll have to read our review to see why. Again, the caveat is that you won’t need most of these impressive features because Firis is not a complex game. Either way, it’s fun and exciting to create the best possible articles.

Firis DX Test Workshop – Results



  • New fresh structure taken from other games Workshop
  • Excellent synthesis system
  • So much to look forward to, even after the main story.


  • Sign–please stop talking and go away.
  • The fight needed an update
  • Some aspects, especially the world design, seem less exciting after the series has refined them.

Atelier Firis delivers the best work with a combination of research, craft and collection systems. The characters are horrible for the most part, that’s true. There’s so much to enjoy in the game though, and the crafting system is so strong, it’s worth being patient or pressing the skip button to get to the good bits. If Sophie, it doesn’t convert the series. Ryza improves on most of what Firis experiments with, but Firis offers a unique approach to the structure of the series that is refreshing and engaging despite its familiarity. Note: Koei Tecmo America provided a copy of Atelier Firis DX, which was used for this review.]Originally released in Japan in March, Atelier Firis DX, the newest entry in the Atelier series, is an adventure RPG set in a steampunk world. After losing their home and becoming stranded, the protagonist and his childhood friend set out on a journey to seek out the whereabouts of the world’s first mechanical genius.. Read more about atelier lydie & suelle review and let us know what you think.

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