Amazon has delayed the release of the much anticipated video game New World by a few weeks. The game was originally announced at E3 2017, but it was originally slated for a June 28 release. Then, Amazon delayed it to July 5, and to August 2. Now, it’s been delayed again to September 28, but it still won’t be out on that date. This is an unusual delay for the game. Last September, the game was delayed by a few weeks and now it’s been delayed again, so there’s a lot of mystery surrounding this game.

In a surprise move, Amazon has rolled a new delay on its upcoming New World of Darkness role-playing game. Originally scheduled for release on November 17, the new release date is September 28, 2016, a whopping three months later.

Amazon released a new version of their Amazon game New World this month, setting the release date for September 28th, instead of August 28th. This is the second delay for the game, which was originally set for a release in March, so why is there such a delay? Amazon announced the delay in a comment on their blog , saying, “We are still working on the launch date for New World, and when we are ready, we will let you know. Thanks again for your patience.”. Read more about new world delayed again and let us know what you think.


Amazon Games has recently announced on Twitter that the debut of New World has been postponed.

The company says, “[W]e’re going to take a few additional weeks to squash bugs, enhance stability, and polish the game.” “The new worldwide launch date for New World is September 28, 2021. This was a difficult choice to make. We understand that this isn’t the first time we’ve pushed back our launch date in the sake of quality, and that having to wait a little longer may be frustrating. But we want to make sure you get the best game possible when it launches.”

As the studio implies, this is the MMO’s fourth postponement; the business had originally scheduled an August 31st debut, which had already been postponed three times. We wrote numerous impressions articles on the game throughout its alpha and beta, considering it to be in a pretty decent technical state overall, so it’s unclear what the company can do with only a month more. However, as we discussed on this week’s episode, the end of August may be a difficult period to launch, so perhaps the delay will be beneficial in the end.

The New World team has sent you a message.

— August 4, 2021, New World (@playnewworld)


Amazon has announced that the release date of their new board game, New World, has been pushed back to September 28, 2016. The team at Amazon said that their goal was to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. The game is a cooperative game that requires all players to work together in order to win. It is played on a board that is divided into fourteen regions, each one having different resources, food, and other things. Once a player has gained enough resources, the player will be able to build boats, ships, and other things that will allow them to travel around the board. During the game, players will also have to deal with pirates and other enemies.. Read more about new world beta and let us know what you think.

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