Albion Online, a free-to-play MMORPG, recently held its first ever Hellgate event. Players were able to take on the role of a mercenary and fight against hellgate monsters that were invading the lands of Albion. Each time players defeated a hellgate, they would win valuable loot, which could be used to purchase items from the in-game market or crafted into useful crafting materials. Hellgate loot included an assortment of high-quality weapons, armor, and mystical armor pieces. Hellgate loot was also available for sale in the in-game market.

Albion Online has just received several updates to the game, including fixes to the new Hellgate system. The first is the removal of the market slots option, which caused lots of grief for players who had never played Albion Online before. Next are the changes to the Hellgate system, which have come under heavy criticism from gamers.

Albion Online has just had a server maintenance, and the updates held within are very interesting. The game has been around for a long time, but it’s still popular, with a large player base of both casual and hardcore gamers. Many gamers will spend a lot of time participating in the in-game marketplace or by combat, and that’s why the developers are looking to improve the game experience. Hellgate was a popular method of gaining experience, but it’s been deemed to be too easy, so some changes are coming. This should make the game more interesting, and hopefully the hardcore players will stay.

Albion Online has gotten a lot of my attention over the past few months, and I’m not the only one, judging by the swarms of newcomers in the starting towns and chat rooms. They’re all getting an update today, but it won’t bring drastic changes to their playstyle.

The most interesting part of the patch is the increased lethality of PvE Hellgates, which should make them an order of magnitude more profitable. To make the PvE experience in the riskier death dungeons more rewarding, the total loot value in these dungeons has been increased, Sandbox Interactive said. The loot is 10% better in 2v2, 20% better in 5v5, and 30% better in 10v10. The team has also reduced the endless spamming of the market – of the game, not the players.

To reduce the number of market notifications and make them more meaningful, notifications are now only sent when a buy or sell order is executed or expires. These emails provide an overview of all relevant transactions in an easy-to-read message, so you can check the status of orders on the go without unnecessary clicking.

Finally, Sandbox has added some fuzzy axe and mace balance changes, reduced the frequency of the tutorial window for damaged dungeons, and fixed several animations and terrain issues.

Mobile phone users experienced connectivity issues earlier today; these should now be resolved.

ViewAlgo has been working hard to reduce the rate of market spam in Albion Online, as well as gently buffing the hellgate loot tier rewards. The most recent update to the game has been released, and it features some significant changes to the way the hellgate is used. They include:. Read more about albion online rise of avalon patch notes and let us know what you think.

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