The hidden ones are the enemies you are being chased by throughout the game. The hidden one outfits are the outfits you get from the hidden ones. The hidden one weapons are the weapons you get from the hidden ones. The hidden one codex is the codex you get from the hidden ones. The hidden one outfit/codex/weapon is the same as the hidden one outfit/codex/weapon you get from the hidden ones. But to get them you need to do some certain things to them. (So what is the answer to that question?)

As you see in the main menu in the game AC:V, there are three categories with three outfit: Male, Female and Children. But there are more outfits in the game. In this video, I show you how to get them to the other characters in the game.

In Assassin’s Creed: Unity , Ubisoft promised to add downloadable content (DLC) to the game. Although the add-ons are not available yet, fans can still get a glimpse of what to expect. On Saturday, February 16, a series of videos were uploaded to YouTube that shows a glimpse of how the character and outfit of Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad can be obtained. In the video, fans can also see the codex page which will be released as DLC. As for the weapon, a fan video shows that the Hidden Blade can be obtained by shooting an apple from a tree with the Hidden Gun.

We’ll teach you how to obtain “The Hidden Ones” outfit, Codex Pages, and a weapon in Assassin’s Creed (AC): Valhalla in this tutorial. If you wish to find out where these Outfit parts, Codexes, and a weapon are, you must first create your own “Hidden Ones’ Bureau.” After that, you’ll be able to access the tasks.

In AC Valhalla, how do you acquire the Hidden Ones’ outfit, codex, and weapon?

After you’ve completed your Hidden Ones Bureau, you’ll be assigned the job of locating six Codex Pages that have been hidden throughout the globe. You may also get the Hidden Ones Armors required to complete the Armor set along with these Codex pages.

Location of the Hidden Ones’ Bureaus (Armor Pieces, Codex, and Weapon) in AC Valhalla

1st Piece Location (Gloves)

piece 1 location ac valhalla

  • This site may be found in Ledescestrescire.
  • Shoot the trigger point as indicated in the picture above, and a rock should fall from the sky.
  • The boulder will shatter the floor under it, exposing the secret location of the hidden ones bureau.
  • Inside, take the Codex Page and the Gloves that are concealed!

Piece 2: Placement (Face Mask)

Piece 2 location ac valhalla

  • Lunden is the location of the Hidden Ones Bureau.
  • You must climb to a high point, preferably a tree, and take the famous leap of faith!
  • Once you’ve fallen, the rest is simple, and you should be able to locate the Hidden Ones’ Face Mask beside the Codex Page.

3rd Piece of Information (Hood)

Piece 3 Location ac valhalla

  • The Hoods may be found in Essexe.
  • Go to the above-mentioned location and use a rope to climb up and over the ruins.
  • Here, use scouting to find the Hidden Ones Bureau’s entry to the tunnel.
  • Simply plunge into the water and go to the hidden hideout’s entrance.
  • You may also get the Hood of the Hidden Ones and the Codex page from there!

4th Piece: Location (Chest Armor)

Piece 4 Location ac valhalla

  • You must go to Jorvik to get the Chest Armor.
  • Take the ship and continue sailing until you can get ashore and walk.
  • When you get at the docks, you should be able to find a quick travel location, so keep an eye out for it.
  • The Hidden Ones Bureau has a straightforward entry. Simply shatter the board in the manner shown in the picture above.
  • Enter the hidden hideaway and grab the Codex as well as the Chest Armor!

5th Piece: Location (Boots)

Piece 5 location ac valhalla

  • Glowecestrescire is where you’ll discover the Boots.
  • This area has a high strength level, therefore avoid battling any foes or bears there. Ignore them and go on your way.
  • Inside the location, look for two large sculptures.
  • If you walk up the steps, the entrance should be between these two statues.
  • Bring a torch and hold it down to safely get through the toxic clouds at the entrance.
  • Take the Codex and the Leggings (Boots) of the Hidden Ones within!

Suttungr’s Claw (Piece 6 Location) – Weapon

Weapon location 6 ac valhalla

  • This is the last Hidden Ones Bureau you’ll come across.
  • It may be found in Wincestre.
  • Go to the above-mentioned area and search for an antique statue.
  • There is a huge drop in front of it. To find the hidden hideaway, just jump down the cliff.
  • The Codex Page, as well as the prized Suttungr’s Claw Dagger, should be found within!

These Armors, when combined, may greatly improve your total stats, so make sure you have them. The Dagger is also quite strong since it boosts your critical damage to opponents. Follow the steps in the tutorial to find all of AC Valhalla’s secret armors and weaponry.

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I will be taking you through the process of unlocking the Hidden Ones’ outfits, codexes and weapons. This is going to be a super detailed guide on how to unlock all of the outfits, codexes and weapons. I will be using the AC Unity Video Tutorials on how to unlock each outfit, codex and weapon. The outfits, codexes and weapons I will be unlocking are: The Jester’s Outfit (Outfit + Codex), The Merchant’s Outfit (Outfit + Codex), The Prom Queen’s Outfit (Outfit + Codex), The Black Cross (Outfit + Codex), The Pilgrim’s Outfit (Outfit + Codex), The Jester’s Outfit (Weapon + Codex), The Merchant. Read more about ac valhalla hidden ones armor set location and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the hidden ones mask?

You need to beat the game on expert difficulty.

Can you get an assassin outfit in Valhalla?

Yes, you can get an assassin outfit in Valhalla.

How do you get the hidden one gloves in AC Valhalla?

You need to complete the game on hard difficulty.

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