The Logitech K780 is the company’s flagship gaming keyboard, and it’s got a trendy, minimalist design. It’s not the most comfortable keyboard, but the included wrist rest and more than ample space for your wrists are nice additions for long gaming sessions.

If you want a keyboard that has every feature of a premium keyboard, but fits in the palm of your hand, then the Azeroth is a keyboard for you. It puts the well-known Cherry MX blue switches in the slimmest of all the Cherry MX keyboards. This minimalist design makes the Azeroth keyboard one of the more popular choices for gamers and those who want to type quickly and accurately.

I know what you’re thinking: why pick on a keyboard when gaming mice are just as important? The simple answer is that some keyboards are brilliant, and others are unworkable. And few keyboards mix awesome with awesome as well as the Logitech G910 Orion Spark does. This one comes equipped with a glorious, RGB backlit keyboard that is both a joy to type on, and looks great in an all-black gaming setup. That’s not all: it also has a unique software suite that allows you to set custom macros, profiles, and functions to be executed when it detects you’re gaming. So, if you’re into competitive gaming, or you just want to make your keyboard a little more awesome, it’s worth considering.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing the Roccat Pyro mechanical keyboard with games like Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. 

Overall, it’s a great keyboard, but it does have a few flaws. 

A top-of-the-line keyboard should allow you to effectively tap keys to beat up a troll or swiftly crouch for a precise shot. While the Roccat Pyro meets those requirements and a few more, such as comfort, it may be difficult to use for certain players. 


It may be more difficult to type at first because to the stiffer construction. Both my regular Acer Nitro 5 keyboard and the Roccat Pyro were put to the test. My typing speed was first slower, but as I became used to the Pyro’s sturdy construction, it returned to normal. 

Often I stumble with the mechanical keyboard due to the gap distance between keys. At points with Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, I fumbled the R button and activated my ultimate prematurely. While adjusting to the mechanical keyboard can take time, I’d recommend giving yourself some time to get used to the different feel of the Roccat Pyro.

However, holding down the CTRL key while navigating with the WASD keys with my left hand is still tough. When playing a tactical shooter like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, this is particularly true. The disparity is significant, and as a console player, I doubt I’ll ever get accustomed to it. 


In the games I’ve tried, the Roccat Pyro feels great when controlling characters. It let me easily avoid goblin assaults in Dark Alliance and line-up shots in Halo. It’s no longer as difficult for me to move diagonally as it was with previous keyboards. 

Hand strain is a major issue for me as a freelance writer. When I play video games for extended periods of time, my hand cramps up, and I’m sure you’d want some relief if you work in an office.

Fortunately, the Pyro keyboard has a stylish removable palm rest that feels solid while in use. It’s simple to install simply attaching it to the bottom of the keyboard, and it gives my hands additional surface space to write on when using it. It relieves discomfort and should also assist with those lengthy Rainbow Six Siege, League of Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone gaming sessions.


While the palm rest is simple to install, it does come with the risk of it becoming loose. The rest is simply removed with a simple adjustment of the keyboard. The palm rest should be securely secured into place in future versions.

Any writer or gamer will like the clacky sound that a mechanical keyboard can produce. It offers your fingers a pleasant sensation, and the sound reflects the $99.99 product’s high status.

If the appearance of the keyboard is more important to you, the Roccat Pyro looks great. You may change your RGB configuration using Roccat Swarm, a software you can download from the official website. You may experiment with the following:

  • Intelligent Lighting by AIMO 
  • Wave 
  • Snake 
  • Fully Illuminated 
  • 2.0 version of the heartbeat
  • Breathing
  • Fade FX
  • Ripple FX (Ripple Effects)
  • Customization Mode

The free program is very helpful and simple to use. It offers you a glimpse of the lighting effects in the main illumination area. Almost every option looks great, and if you want to boast about your setup, the RGB lighting is very bright, particularly at night, which is a wonderful way to impress friends and family. 


There are five distinct profiles that you may choose from. To make each profile stand out, you may add a picture to it and swap between them on the fly, making the procedure simple. It’s also possible to have your keyboard profile auto-switch when your chosen games open. Simply connect the program’s.exe in the Roccat Swarm profile manager, and you’re ready to go.

Macros are also simple to set up since they provide a large list of functions that may be added to an existing key. The board may be programmed to control functions such as shutting off the computer, changing the DPI, changing keyboard profiles, launching an application, and more. When the shift key is held down, the Easy Shift feature allows the WASD keys to perform a second purpose. 

The AIMO lighting is hit and miss for me, though. While playing Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, the colors change according to the environment. For example, if my character is close to a flame, the keyboard goes red. If I’m in a grassy area, it goes green. While I’d look mostly at my screen during gameplay, it’s a nice touch, especially when it’s dark when you could see the lighting better in your peripheral vision.

However, it didn’t always function, and at times it showed purple in a forest where that hue isn’t there. I’d also want it to respond more quickly to what’s going on in the game, since there’s a small lag.

Furthermore, the software, Roccat Swarm, does a poor job of describing what AIMO can accomplish with a hazy explanation. It just states that it offers “fluid, nature-inspired situations” after some marketing jargon. I’m still puzzling my head after doing some research, and the April Fool’s video that’s the top YouTube result makes this feature even more perplexing.

The Roccat Pyro has a brushed metal plate that feels solid, and the switches are said to last 50 million keystrokes apiece. The cable is 1.8m long and easily reaches the floor from my desk, and the end has a keyboard symbol on it, so you’ll know which one it is. It’s a nice touch.

The wheel of volume on the top right of the Roccat Pyro keyboard is another useful feature. It can immediately roll the volume up or down based on a simple twist of the nozzle without any hardware installation.

As a novice PC player, I’ve always found it inconvenient to use the windows key to exit the game and then click the volume wheel to lower the volume. With the nozzle on the right, I can now easily adjust the volume to a tolerable level, sparing my ears from total devastation. 

The Bottom Line on the Roccat Pyro Keyboard



  • The keys have a pleasant, quality feel to them.
  • The anti-ghosting feature works well. 
  • The volume wheel 
  • Cool RGB lights with a good amount of brightness, particularly at night
  • Hand strain is greatly reduced with the use of a palm rest.


  • There’s a lot of space between WASD and CTRL. 
  • The AIMO software may be confusing.
  • The palm rest is readily removable.

I’m dipping my toes (or fingers, in this instance) into the world of PC gaming, and after using this mechanical keyboard, I can’t see using anything else. While the palm rest may come off and the keys might be a little too broad for my taste, the Roccat Pyro keyboard provides a premium typing and gaming experience.

With the Roccat Swarm software, it also helps to have a nice RGB lighting setup. With its numerous profile choices and Custom Mode, the Pyro may appeal to gamers that need appropriate setups for their competitive titles. This is a keyboard that most PC users will like, and I strongly suggest it. 

[Note: The Pyro keyboard used in this evaluation was supplied by Roccat.]

Having recently reviewed the Razer Blackwidow Chroma, I was quite pleased with the keyboard’s features, and its unique Chroma lighting. Razer’s keyboards have always been well designed, and the Blackwidow is no exception. It’s a mechanical keyboard as opposed to the membrane keyboards found on most other gaming keyboards, and comes with the “Chroma lighting” that can be configured to any color you like. It’s a high-quality product, and while I do wish it had support for more than just Chroma lighting, it’s still a solid keyboard.. Read more about em on piano and let us know what you think.

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